Expanding the Business Portfolio - 0.3 NOW OUT! New Characters, More Weight Gain, Quality-of-Life Improvements

All, I’ve lurked on here for quite some time and finally decided to take a crack at teaching myself Quest and making a game of my own, WITH Visuals (carefully curated Text-to-AI Images). I would really appreciate any and all feedback, bugs, misspellings, etc. I would upload to the text adventures website, but the file size is too large with the visuals.

The premise: You start a new job at an office. Hijinks ensues.

The goal is to make the game world as dynamic as possible. Ask characters about others. Talk to the same person multiple times in a row and get more content. Find secrets in the same place on different days and find secrets.

Main Fetishes: Female Weight gain, feederism/feedees
Side/Optional Fetishes: Pregnancy, Vore

You can download the latest 0.3 version here

You will need Quest for Windows to play, which you can download here.



0.3 - 3/24/2023:

  • Added 2 new characters
  • Introduced the player as a character, who can gain weight
  • TWO characters who can now go up 5 weight gain stages
  • Overhauled the ‘Ask About’ system, making it WAY more user friendly and less annoying
  • More naughty scenes :wink:
  • Expanded the map with two more rooms
  • More events and dialogue responding to variable choices
  • Rooms now have pictures show the first time you enter them
  • ‘Question’ system now takes away the option to ask characters about specific topics if they do not have anything new to say
  • Rebuilt several systems to allow me to scale them into subsequent days much easier
  • DAY 4 IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS 0.3 VERSION, but there is an enormous amount of quality-of-life changes and a lot more content.

Potential Goals for Next Version (Depending on feedback, time availability, motivation, etc.):

  • Day 4
  • Another new character
  • More food in the early game for feeding/eating
  • More random events
  • More conditional dialogue/events based on decisions and/or actions
  • Improvements on visuals and more agency in interactions with Rebecca
  • Improvements on Vanessa’s visuals

0.2 - 3/17/2023:

  • Added Day 3
  • Added new character
  • Added more interactions (or initial interactions) with all existing characters
  • Fixed character names and aliases to make asking characters about things WAY less annoying. Thank you for the feedback on this.
  • Greatly improved functionalities around the phone and computer by providing their own action buttons rather than the ‘Ask’ function
  • Added an Easter Egg or two, one involving Vore
  • Reoriented and improved some of the images chosen
  • Coded/developed things differently so going forward will have me rebuilding things from scratch waaaay less

Potential Goals for the Potential Next Version (depending on feedback, motivation, etc.)

  • Day 4
  • Interface ‘Quality of Life’ improvements on the ‘Ask About’ aspect, or removal altogether
  • Weight increases for several characters
  • Potential to optionally have female players gain weight instead (although not sure exactly how I’d want to do this)
  • Another Vore Scene

Here are a few character images:


The Player:






There are other characters than those here, but these are just teasers.


Im trying to play but dont know how

You need to use Quest for windows, you can download it from Textadventures. co. uk

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I’m enjoying it so far. I am having a bit of trouble asking Vanessa anything. The game note says “you can type “Ask Vanessa About” and whatever or whoever you want to discuss, and she’ll answer you.” but whenever I try to ask her about someone it says “I can’t see that. (Vanessa)”

I managed to call two numbers on the phone and write to one girl on the computer. “Ask someone about” messages are quite tricky when the player doesn’t know what to write. Phone numbers and nickname were obvious things, but I don’t know what to ask people. I also managed to feed Mandie once. This game could do with more obvious moves and actions. Perhaps some walkthrough, or more tips about things to do.

I had the same issue asking Vanessa a question.

If you type Pregnant Hispanic Cleaning Lady the game will recognize her

Ah, that’s not ideal. Let me see if I can fix that on the next patch, thank you. I should clarify, the 'Ask ____ About options typically apply to other characters, like ‘Ask Mandie About Vanessa,’ etc. but there will be more plot-specific options when applicable.

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sorry maybe im dumb or something but could you explain it a little bit more ?

Added instructions to the initial post

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Sorry, im new to this sort of game and the program. How do i save it?

Which AI generator did you use?

I think one of the pictures broke.

i have no clue what kind of commands I should be typing :sob: plz help

Just tried the game! Even as a bit of a Quest connoiseur, I had a difficult time playing it, but still really enjoyed the way you used Quest.

Object reference issue:
Other users have alerted you to the “you can’t see Vanessa” etc. issues. You might go about fixing that on each character object’s “Object” tab:

You could also change the character object’s objectname.alias attribute after you speak to them, too, for more clarity and to refer to them as their new alias.

Context clues in-game:
I like the direction of the puzzles that unlock easter egg content in this game, specifically how you need context to know to try certain things like leaving the Disgusting Cheese in the Supply Closet.. I only dabbled in the b1g_bab3, Voracia (would be cool if replaying and calling on the earlier day would have allowed me to have a conversation, but that’s a nitpick!), and fat mouse girl storylines but I’m guessing there’s more to figure out since you listed vore as an optional fetish.

One note, though, is that you can go to an object’s “Features” tab and check the “Use/Give” boolean to give players a more intuitive way to access the computer and phone other than to “ask” them. Unintuitive syntax in text adventure games is one of those things that can put off players who aren’t used to the genre. Plus, it can show up as an option when highlighting the object instead of typing it (making use of one of the gamebook elements of Quest text adventures).

The way you’re interrelating character conversations, employing a same-place-different-day setting, and hiding easter eggs is a very fun concept to deal with as a player and a creator. However, make sure the puzzle is intuitive enough that your playerbase can find and use those clues without author knowledge of the game. Leave more breadcrumbs, try thinking from the perspective of a player who may have missed a tiny detail, and definitely keep your code tidy because - if your scripts get messy - you may lose steam and forget where you were.

Paragraphs could use an extra return line between them, as well, to break up large walls of text.

The timed areas are fun uses of the script. They can blindside you the first time you play them, so using them sparingly for optional side content is the best way to go. I enjoyed how you used it so far, but I’m also a veteran Quest player.

Anyway, I really enjoyed your game and curated images! Please keep working on it or let it inspire your other projects. I didn’t catch much weight gain content in my playthrough, but I’m going to keep messing around with it to see what I find.


Until the issue with asking people about others is fixed creator-side, you can still use the command by taking a word from the character’s “object” name that isn’t shared in the same room. The problem is only with the person you are talking to, not about, so don’t also do this for the second name. For example, if you want to ask Naomi about Chen you could use “Ask green about chen” since “green” is unique to her object name and short to type. I’m also using “man” for Chen, “lady” for Vanessa, and theoretically “pale” for Prissa but I haven’t tried talking to her in a serious manner yet. As far as I’m aware for now, the other characters you can talk to already have their actual names as their object name, and don’t need this workaround.

Edit to add: bug… non-report I guess? Rebecca’s first image works if you play as a male, which I hope helps in finding out why it doesn’t when playing as a female.

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is the game supposed to end after day 2?

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Would it not be easier to upload this game onto textadventures and supply the link to there?

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The game ended after two days but so far I had fun. I look forward to seeing more of this

If anyone is confused by my question, how do i save the game so i dont have to start from the beginning if i close it

This was a fun little Quest game, I liked the range of characters to interact with but wish some had a bit more to them other than just saying hello. I understand this isn’t a fully finished project. The phone and computer interactions left me wanting to see more, they were pretty good teases. The AI art looks slick.

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