Expanding Upon this mod

Recently I discovered this mod

Its called BBW SSBBW Big girl

Creative name I know but its by far one of the better fat mods I’ve found for skyrim so far. My problem is the fat bodies themselves are limited to only a select few outfits. And I was wondering if there were people out there with much more talent and patients then me to see if they would be willing to add on to this mod more.

P.S. I’m new here so pls go easy on me…


Finding someone with more patience than you for working on any given idea is a big ask. The general rule is that nobody will care more about your project or work harder than you do.


So looking at the nexus page for this mod, I don’t know why you need to add more outfits to it? the description says it has a bodyslide preset for it so if you use it, it’ll shape any outfit you have in game that has a bodyslide option to this preset.

To explain more, it requires Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- which gives every vanilla outfit and armour in skyrim bodyslide shape. Now if you want a custom outfit modelled for skyrim that has bodyslide compatibility then that’s gonna need some time and effort, but otherwise you can find countless outfits on nexus that work with CBBE and bodyslide that’ll work with that preset. just follow the instructions on the nexus page for how to get it to work, and then search for what ever outfit you want on nexus that has bodyslide feature with it and there you go

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I may have missed something, but I don’t see any of the sliders present on any other body than the ones it came with by default.

So in the file page on Nexus, there is the bodyslide preset file, you placed that into your bodyslide foulder where the preset folder will be found, then you open bodyside and load that preset and batch build every compatible outfit to that shape

When it comes to bodyslider you can make your own body shape to use in your game, i personally find a couple presets I like and combine the scale values together and make my own version. but follow the instructions from Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE mod to understand how to add presets for bodyslide