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LINK: Expansion Lab by MadLad224

Hello everyone, MadLad224 here with another game. This one is purely expansion focused, as have been the other ones.
In Expansion Lab you find yourself mindlessly inflating countless “subjects” for no apparent reason!

Now, this one has some
more complicated stuff than wasd and mouse for interacting with the world, please read the following:

SUSPENSION HARNESS - this will keep the subject in place (note that once the subject is off the harness,
they can no longer be inflated or put back on the harness and will bounce around)

ROOF - simply closes or opens the roof

GRAVITY HARNESS - if enabled subjects will stay grounded, if disabled inflated subjects will start to float

TOP/BOTTOM - allows to take off/put on clothes (there is no explicit material, just smooth skin)

WATER HOSE - will be added

NEXT SUBJECT - puts the next subject on the harness, note that there is an unlimited amount of subjects
that can be present in a lab at the same time. Also, if there is already a subject on the harness, do not
add another one before taking the first one off

RESET ALL SUBJECTS - if the game brakes or something this will delete all subjects

I believe that is all, do share your thoughts about the game and have fun!


Another game by you on my channel, I hope it gets expanded upon. :slight_smile:


Nice video, Axxis! I hope more people take a look at this game!


I’m hoping for more updates in the future including skin sliders or something like that


I’m also hoping MadLad adds more to this game, along with the other 2 games he’s made!

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Nice game MadLad224! I enjoy your content! I hope more features get added, but I also want to see an update for your game “Inflation Tag” as I enjoyed that game’s art and style. As I said in those comments I’d like to see a revamped version of the game! Though if these games are one and done, I understand.

Screenshots of me setting up the bodies like stairs, climbing on top of the inflated women, setting the gravity shield off and riding one of them higher and higher!..and falling off.


This is a fun prototype, and the kind of thing I wish more people would make.


Hi, I’m definetly gonna update this one I published it to see how it’s recieved, and it seems to be doing well. I have another game in the making that is 60% done so I’m not sure when Inflation Tag will be updated, but know that it is planned.


I’m very excited to hear that, thank you!!!

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do want

fun little game, I enjoyed it