expansion/wg streamer sim concept, need help fleshing out the idea

Hi! Not new here but this is my first post on this account because I couldn’t figure out how to completely rebrand my old one and it aligns closer than I probably should’ve made it with my non-horny online identity. Anyways as the title suggests I’ve refreshed myself on Godot for the umpteenth time because this idea came to mind and I liked it a lot, but once I actually made the new project file I realized I didn’t have a concrete enough idea to actually start making anything.

To pitch the idea in one sentence; Tycoon/Management game where you customize a character to be a streamer e-whore, and you put money back into both improving your hardware and expanding and otherwise modifying your body.

In terms of fetish/lewd content, obviously largely expansion fetish theming, more size = more good, and of course weight gain would be a category under this umbrella. Boobs, butt, belly (and fat in general), cock/balls expansion, maybe muscle would be my priority for implementation, no promises for anything outside of the scope of my preferences. Obviously the tone would be pretty unabashedly horny, but I didn’t have like penetration in mind. Like lots of hyper sexy bits but not any graphic sex. Maybe cum idk, maybe that and genitalia content would be toggleable. I think the tone would also be a bit silly, but I would make a point of avoiding the way I’ve seen some people do it where the fetish content is drowned in obnoxious memes. (i have no patience for things like fetish comics having something like “[epic meme song] plays” written out on a panel that’s like actually embarrassing) Obviously growth would be linked with progress. There would also be furry/anthro stuff. Setting would probably be like utopian futuristic, people just hang out and all basic needs are met and Technology™ lets you become your hyper fursona with no complications and this is a common and accepted thing to do. One way or another anthros and humans coexist and it’s just normal, as are hyper proportions. This is by no means a game with a story or worldbuilding focus lmao.

Importantly, I intend to have 2D art, with many of the jiggly, growing bits being procedurally scaled 2D softbodies or at least physics objects. Godot does not have this implemented by default, but I have already followed a guide for a workaround which I could easily modify to my needs. Your character would be visible at all times in a little facecam like viewport, looking into the camera while streaming or whatever. I plan to do the art myself.

As far as actual gameplay ideas, I don’t just want to make a new coat of paint for the clicker genre.

  • A viewer analytics system, a pie chart or something showing the preferences of your existing audience, and by extension being able to see what you would benefit from investing in further. Maybe you invested REALLY hard into a fat pair of knockers and your audience is 80% titty fiends, and so you struggle to retain viewership at first if you try also making your character more muscular. The idea definitely needs some work, in a game meant to sate a sexual fantasy I can see how making customization a bit more difficult could just be annoying.

  • I’ve been throwing the idea of a day system around in my head, maybe 2 sort of gameplay sections, the stream management and a day-to-day life section, or at least a section where your streamer just needs to rest or eat in their room or whatever. In terms of hyper stuff I very much enjoy the slice of life and accommodations and particularities and problems that arise as size increases, maybe size gets bottlenecked by stuff like needing to widen your doorframes. Tangent aside, you would spend time outside of streaming either going to do something that expands you in one way or another, or maybe you also have to maintain stuff for your streamer like Sims meters or something. This is another thing I could see just being a chore though, but one way or another I would like an excuse to have a hyper character casually exist in a space.

  • The act of streaming would be active, not just hit a button and it goes. Maybe you would have to like play a minigame, i.e. the game your streamer is playing, and also manage how much of the good stuff is visible on your streamer cam. I don’t like when fetish games are too active to the point they become less about the fetish or sometimes are so hectic there’s no time to look at the sexy pictures (see: BE Witches) so the minigame that represents the game you’re streaming would probably be pretty easy and become less important anyways as your streams begin to take a different focus. The bulk of the active part would be in managing your streamer cam to keep the crowd pleased. Sort of as an extension of this, there would be a chat feed with procedurally generated chatters and messages that would work as feedback for how well you’re doing and maybe sometimes you could see requests in chat which you could fulfill for a bonus. Potentially interlocking with the viewer preferences system, a “loyal fan” mechanic where repeatedly fulfilling a chatter’s requests would make them a loyal fan and then after that maybe fulfilling their requests would be more likely to incur a donation, in addition to making them a permanent viewer who won’t leave if you spec into different growth. Just now writing that down I think that’s probably going into the game, I like this idea.

  • Occasional random events during downtime, just like text prompt popups or something. Little stuff like “(X) thing has happened, would you like to (option a) (option b)” Not a revolutionary idea for this type of game but a tried and true way to keep things interesting in a game where you manage numbers and look at menus a whole bunch.

  • A skill tree? I don’t have any real idea what this would mean or how it would work and if it would also incur a leveling system, but specing into different sizes of different body parts I think would pair well with an actual specialization and build system. Different skills would not be attached to different growths though, I think customizing your character’s body should only be restricted, in a gameplay sense, by progress and not what you would want you mechanical build to be like, because those 2 might not necessarily align.

That’s all I’ve got for now, discussion and suggestions are both welcome and encouraged!


That sounds like it would be really fun though sadly I don’t have any suggestions for you.

This seems really interesting. Can’t really think of any suggestions to add to it but I do have a question. With the customisation, would you be able to choose the gender as well or is it going to be strickly one gender only and you can customise that.

there would be no explicit “gender” selection, it would be “choose the body parts and pronouns you want”

if the question is “will I be able to make my character have a pussy” due to the fact that I didn’t mention that in my list of implemented expansions, the answer is probably yes but I am not a pussy enjoyer so don’t expect me to execute it particularly well, and there will definitely not be any expansion for it. just way way not my thing


Right, okie. No problem. I’m quite glad to hear that actually. This does certainly seem like an interesting idea and I can’t wait to see what it will look like in the future. :grin:

The skill tree could also have skills relating to streaming rather than growth? Maybe things that will make the streaming easier, make it easier to gain or keep followers or unlock new streaming activities. For the last one, it could be stuff like new games or it could be more like doing mukbang content if you’re on the wg path.

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Well, yup, I had exactly the same idea a few months ago and I even did like 100 sprites for the character sitting behind her PC. She had like different size of boobs, belly, butt, and 10 stuffing stages for every “fat” stage. Also started to work on the code, but since the war in Ukraine I could not pay for the engine, abd the development halted.

update: i’m moving this project from godot to unity because godot makes me angry to use. for more legitimate reasons, godot does not have a built-in 2d softbody and unity does, and frankly i find unity much more intuitive. i say this only because it means most of the work i’ve done in godot is null and void, and thus the nothing you’ve seen of the project will continue to be nothing for longer.


Looking forward to it!

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turns out i am in over my head in terms of coding (perhaps should’ve seen it coming given that’s like THE rookie mistake) lol, no promises anything is coming anytime soon