Extraterrestrial Gains - 1.0.2 - On Hiatus


Hey, welcome to the new Extraterrestrial Gains! If you’ve played this before forget most of what you know lmao. It’s been a year since this was in development and was postponed due to severe burnout with the project. I’m now back though and the game has a new story line, one that I feel is more interesting as allows for more degree’s of freedom.


You awaken on an unfamiliar planet in a galaxy far more advanced than your own. Setting out to uncover why you arrived here and if you can get back, you discover just how expansive this galaxy really is… Will you continue your journey home or create or new life or yourself here?


Extraterrestrial Gains is a linear game with branching pathways and multiple endings. It allows you to make your own choices, affecting the world and people around you. Within the game are also multiple factions vying for power in the galaxy and you’ll be able to join forces with one depending on your own goals and aspirations.


As in the title, this is a multi kink game, the main focus of course being weight gain, which heavily affects the story as well as what areas are accessible. Please keep in mind that all kinks are avoidable, they are all optional events. The kinks list is subject to change, but the main kinks that I’m looking for this game to contain are:

The kinks going to be in this game are:

  • Weight gain, stuffing and force feeding
  • Various types of inflation as well as forced inflation
  • Pred and prey vore, both MC and NPCs
  • Egg laying and oviposition
  • Immobility, wardrobe malfunctions and stuckage

Although as this game is being released over the course of updates, not every fetish will appear immediately.

The first release of the revamped EG! With this release comes a complete rework of the game and its inner workings, the storyline has also been changed to allow for more freedom and an overall more interesting experience. Any scenes in the old EG have either been scraped or are being used at a later date.

With this release comes the ability to explore the first section of New New York and interact with NPCs that reside there. This update also rolls out turn based combat and enemies to encounter while exploring. And lastly the introduction of transformative items. Stay tuned and join the discord to stay up to date!

The previous version of EG is now classed as LEGACY content, and while has been scraped, the old build is still available on itch.io if for some reason someone wants to play it.

~Thank you all for being so patient with me :white_heart:~

This is the link to the game’s itch io page.

And here’s the link to the discord.

Thank you for reading! Hope this interests ya.


That sounds really interesting, I look forwards to seeing where this goes!


Thanks! Just implemented a temporary map so you can visualise where you are now. It’s always so satisfying when things work lmao

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I saw something very similar in idea and name on a different site a few years ago. I look forward to seeing what direction this one goes in.

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sounds really promising so far, i do hope the creation of this game goes well for you.


I had to change the original name for this project because I realised there was already a game with an extremely similar name xD. But thanks for the interest, there’s a lot of directions I wanna take this game, and I just hope I can reach them all.

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Great interest


ooo I love the visuals! the bellies are good and the map will be very handy I’m sure.


Thanks, although they are both just temporary, I’ll spice them both up later down the line.

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A little quality of life update.
-Added a health bar
-Added volume control for music
-Added the ability to increase and decrease font sizes
-Added a fullscreen button

EDIT: changed the map and belly display a little as to fit in more.


I like the idea! but are you thinking about adding water and air inflation? it would be cool if you had to inflate to reach stuff. but cool game nontheless

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Water inflation is something I’ve thought about adding at some point with a list of other kinks. But it’s not confirmed just yet. The same goes for air inflation, no definite answer yet. If there’s a part of the game though that it fits nicely into, then yes.


Oh thank you for answering my question!

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Would it be possible to implement our own visuals for the WG and ect? Like, without having to go into the twine editor?

also, vore?


That’s not something I’ll be implementing, although do remember that the wg visuals are very quick sketches as of now and will change greatly later on.
Vore is a possibility, same size stuff to be precise. One of the things I’m working on right now is NPCs that you can interact with, and your choices affect them. So pathways are very open to the player either being pred or prey.

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Hey man, looks cool.
I was just wondering, any chance we could get some pure stuffing/bloating without weight gain?
No big deal if that’s not your thing, just curious.

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That is something I’ve thought about, and maybe the ability to simply get a bigger belly instead of gaining weight. But at the same time, that’s a lot of work since I’d have to make twice the amount of belly variations per scene. So in regard to that, instead of a being a game mechanic, there’s probably just going to be a select few scenes that contain pure stuffing/bloating without weight gain.
On a side note, there is going to be a way to decrease your weight. So if the player ends up getting a bit too fat for your liking, you can slim them down a bit.

Alright, thanks for the honestly incredibly fast response.

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How big will the character be able to be?


Pretty big. You’ll be able to get the player up to immobility, and still be able to play, but that’s not saying you have to get them to immobility. If at any time you feel they’re too big, you’ll have the ability to reduce their weight generally via exercise. Certain special scenes or “bad ends” will have the player reach various sizes, depending on what kink they’re catered to. Some weight gain special scenes or “bad” ends will have the player become very very big, others won’t. It’s gonna be split.