Ey, remember that "Feed the Fat" clicker app?

Heh, I rhymed. Good.
Okay, so there’s this honestly kinda shite mobile clicker game called “Feed the Fat” where you’re a fat guy or girl in a giant pile if food that rained from the sky and you spam click the screen to eat and slowly get fatter.

Once you increase in weight level, you can buy food upgrades so you can climb the steadily bigger level up bars easier. Bla bla bla, basic minigame stuff too. The artstyle wasn’t that sexual either. It was a very basic game that “probably” wasn’t even a fetish thing.
The game literally doesn’t even work anymore. Like, it doesn’t even want to open for some reason lately-


–How can we make a perfect, kinkier version of this?–

  1. Different artstyle
    Here’s a screenshot I found on DeviantArt from when the game wanted to work. Something like FFANumber5 or Jeetdoh (both on DeviantArt) would be mm wow.

  2. Customization!
    If it’s going to be a dumb clicker game, we could at least make the subjects as pretty as reasonable. This could basically become a "Fatten your Original Character and/or a Persona of Yourself Simulator)
    I’m thinkin’ 5 body types to choose from:
    •Tall and Thicc
    •Stout/ Big-boned
    •Short Stack
    •Shonen Protagonist (…This one’s the male one btw.)
    Clothes would be cool too. Options would be limited tho obviously because they’d have to draw it 5 times + however many portraits for the weight levels-

  3. Multiple patrons!
    You could open a little menu and just switch to a different character. You can save them to the app, screenshot a picture of it, go through a little photo album of their weight gain progress and everything. It would be cool.

  4. Like… Game mechanics?
    You have to tap the specific food you want to eat on the screen and eventually that food will run out. When you eat everything on screen, you’ll get fatter and you have to offer up some belly rubs. Then, boom! Next round.

This is open, please start a discussion on what you’d do with this project.


imo, it should be available on NOT mobile. Hell, an online game in the sense of Cookie Clicker would probably make the most sense.


Yeah, pretty obvious decision I should’ve mentioned there. Lot more you can do with a computer


This hounds recommendation is divide between gender and body shape in terms of customization

Hey, OP, this should ideally go into forum topic. Like #projects:ideas maybe?


Aight, boom. Categorization complete.


If you were to think of more male body types to balance out the feminine ones, which would you add?

there was a mobile game similar to this one i played but it disappered

i can make a simplisitc version in scratch

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ngl kinda shocked this style of game isn’t way more common in the scene anyway


I remember one that got taken down about “revenge feeding” some blonde lady with a ton of muffins. You got to name her too. Is it that one?

If this gives you some inspiration, then heck yeah, just go for it!

I’m still at the bare bones of figuring out coding rn, but yeah, the programming shouldn’t be too difficult if one knows what they’re doing. The bulk of the project would just be making art assets and THAT would take forever.

As a person who played and payed attention to the feedback from reviewers the game suffered from the camera not moving far enough to see the character’s weight gain and in my opinion the mini games weren’t very fun and very basic so maybe those parts should be worked on as well