f a t t y . . . W.I.P. DEMO!

This is a demo for the start of the game… PLEASE HELP ME :DDDDDDDDD i need alot of help xD so heres the link if you wanna try the start of the game 387.8 KB file on MEGA

I am always up for a colab, this shit is hard.

Remember… im not going to start. Until i get collabs.


I mean there isn’t much yet but so far it looks good?

Like i said its just the entry of the game.
Im going to working with other twine devs on this.
I hope you will see the future of it.

“You can smell it from 12 feet away!” That’s practically in the building, or in it and near the kitchen depending on context. Either way; it’s not very far and I’d have to be walking right by the door.

Yeah no and it does look good, I just can’t offer much when it comes to suggestions or review yet

What kind of help do you need? If its stilll requested.

Abandoned I abandoned it. Not going to lie

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still made good effort.