Faehna (3D Multiplayer WG Sandbox Survival Game) January 2024 Progress Update

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I last posted. I just wanted to confirm that the game still exists and is being worked on. There have been multiple delays, mostly because I am really bad at estimating release dates, but also because I had a mental breakdown and life tends to get in the way a lot. Still recovering from that but I’m continuing work on the game.

Currently redoing a lot of things since I’ve gotten a lot better at programming. No more release dates because I’m 90% sure I’ll miss it again. Also adding a lot of extra QoL and other improvements now that I don’t have to worry about a deadline.

Anyways, obligatory pretty screenshot:

As for anyone new to the project, we have a web page you can read. I’ll update that occasionally with new information on the game. Please note that the rest of the wiki is relatively empty so it’s not recommended to go browsing through it at the moment. Most content is in the community Discord and needs to be moved to the wiki.

Good news

Many people wanted a Discord just to hear news about the game, so we now have two Discord servers. The community server is now more strict with applications but gets free access to the game’s main server as well as easy access to suggesting features or new content for the game, whereas the gateway server has only basic discussion and news channels.

You can join the gateway server here. Community server applications also happen there now.

Please note that Faehna can be hosted on any computer. The game’s main server will be available through Patreon or by joining the community server, but you can also either host your own server or find a community-hosted one.

I did say in the original post that I wouldn’t be accepting money until I was content with the current features of the game but things have changed so if you have a bit of extra money, I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to the Faehna Patreon. I work on the game every day so it would really help me and also contribute to the game’s development as well as helping me buy a better server to host the game on.

Anyways, that’s pretty much all for now. I hope to finish the first demo soon but no promises.


A lot of people keep joining because they want to help on the project. Normally, this would be good, and it partially is, but please keep in mind:

  • Playtesters not needed. I am pretty tired of getting “I want to playtest” in the community server applications. We already have an abundance of willing people in the community server if we ever need playtesting.
  • Treat it as volunteering. I can’t guarantee payment and the game likely won’t make much money. Fetish games typically aren’t profitable when you offer them for free and don’t gate half the features behind a paywall.
  • Please do not apply if you are only going to help on small things. If it’s small then I’ll do it myself or have another one of the developers do it.
  • Suggesting things is not a job. There is a suggestions channel in the gateway server if you need it. This includes lore writing, unless you have examples of previous work or do it professionally.

At the moment, we only need:

  • Programmers
  • Artists (for both promotional purposes and texturing)

Interesting! What fetishes are featured/planned besides weight gain?

This looks quite promising

Definitely interested, let’s see where this goes, then.

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This game actually looks like it will be a banger of a game, I’m curious if online will be server online or hosted server online either way I can’t wait to play this with my friends

(Skip to the first header for the actual list.)

I’ll probably add pretty much anything the community requests as long as it’s popular and not too difficult to add, though keep in mind all fetishes will be toggleable. There’s a preference system planned which will change various fetish-related parts of the game based on what you choose. Likely it’ll be a 1-5 score for each fetish, where:

  1. Completely removed from the game in most cases.
    • Not recommended unless you really hate a certain fetish, since it will hide it if others have it, which can cause confusion sometimes. For example, someone might be very stuffed and comment about it but you won’t be able to see it if you have stuffing on 1/5.
  2. Disabled for your character but still visible on other characters.
  3. Events occur occasionally. Fetish-related traps and similar are disabled.
  4. Events occur regularly. Fetish-related traps and similar are enabled.
  5. Events occur frequently. Game will also try to help you start or progress the fetish.

Note that random events will likely be party-specific and choose a random user’s settings whenever an event occurs, so you may get an event from a fetish that you don’t like if you’re in a party. Also note that some things like weight gain from overeating and vore from other players as part of the combat system can’t be disabled, but it is usually only easily avoidable things.

Anyways, here’s everything currently planned:

Relatively soon

  • Lactation
  • Burps
  • Farts (audio only)
  • Belly noises
  • Breast expansion (mainly as a part of lactation)


  • Stuffing (visually)
  • Vore
  • Inflation
  • Belly expansion (mainly as a part of stuffing/vore/inflation)
  • Butt expansion (added with full weight distribution when that’s finished)

Much Later

  • Blob / Immobility
    • Your character and NPCs will be able to reach blob sizes. This takes a lot of extra modeling work so it likely won’t be available for every race but it’s very popular so it’ll be added at some point.


  • Slob
    • Depends on how many people want it. May be difficult to add so it is undecided currently.


  • Pregnancy
    • As much as many people want it in the game, children don’t magically disappear, and anything involving children is a big no. May reconsider if anyone has any idea on how to make it work good, but until then, it’s rejected.
  • Anything gore-related
    • Self-explanatory.
  • Popping
    • Highly unpopular. Fork the game if you really want it. It’s open source for a reason.
  • Death feederism / Health issues
    • Highly unpopular and the community server would definitely kill me if I added this.
  • Anything non-consensual
    • Vore in combat or against NPCs and monsters is the only exception to this.
  • Anything illegal under U.S. law

Technical limitations

  • Giantess and tiny sizes (below 75 cm)
    • Would break planned combat balancing in the future.
    • The current planned limit is 250 cm (a bit over 8 ft), which is more than enough for most people.
  • Any sort of full-body inflation
    • Would require way too much extra modeling.

Well that ended up being way longer than I meant it to be but there you go.


I’m curious if online will be server online or hosted server online

I’m honestly not quite sure what you mean by this but:

  • Servers are hosted by downloading the game’s dedicated server version and running it.
    • EDIT: There is a fairly complex install process for running a Faehna server. If you just install it and run it then it will error.
  • Accounts do not transfer between servers. You will need to register an account for every server, though the game will save your login info so you don’t need to log in every time.
  • Private servers require an invite code to register, public servers just need a username and password.

Warning: It is possible for someone to modify the server’s code to steal a hashed version of your password. Your password is hashed by default to make it very difficult to get the original, but your hashed password can still be used to log in to other Faehna servers even if they don’t have the original. Please make sure to avoid using the same password on different servers, especially untrusted ones. Even a one letter difference makes the hashed version completely different.

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February Progress Update

Patreon members now get access to some private chats in the Discord, as well as higher tiers having more benefits now, rather than just being a higher donation. The main thing is higher tiers get “wishes,” which let you suggest something directly to me and I’ll try to implement it at some point.

Development is going well. We have a new character modeler and things are getting done quickly. Community server applications have closed, though anyone who would like to help with the development may still apply. There’s another server I manage, though it’s mainly feedee only. I often invite active members from there to the community server since the community tends to be very nice. You can find it in the announcements channel of the gateway server if you really want to join.