Fairtytale: The little boy and the baker

So I was here just sitting on my chair and remembered a fairytale that I heard about from when I was young.
It’s about a little boy who works in a small bakery, the baker for the work he does rewards him with sweets after every shift, however the boy gets greddy and decides to sneaks some bites from one of the cakes while he is working, so he took one from the back after all he didn’t want the baker to discover that he was stealing and the he took a bite.
They were delicious much better than what the baker usually gives him for his work, and more filling as well.
After his shift that day the baker gave him his usual packet of goods and then the boy noticed.
He felt full he didn’t want to eat anymore however if he did not eat the baker might get suspicious, so he pushed through bite after filling bite until he had finished it all.
The baker seemed thrilled by his unusual reactions thinking of them as signs that he loved the cakes just that much and for that he couldn’t go unrewarded.
So the baker gave him another packet of bakes to take home with him, the boy now nauseated and bursting full only nodded as he headed back home with his baked goods in hand.
Some time passed and the baker noticed something weird some of his cakes and cookies were going missing, he was troubled by it.
He confessed to the boy his troubles about the unknown cake thief and that he feared that there might be rats getting into the bakery.
What he didn’t notice was the little boy, well the not so little boy that had been growing more and more as the days passed a bit of belly there some arm fat here and with chubby cheeks to compliment it all as he was the one that had been stealing all those cakes as after that fateful day he jsut couldn’t forget the taste of those heavenly confections and so he had been sneaking some cakes here and there gradually ramping up the amount of cakes that he stole to fill his ever growing gut.
And now he was in trouble if the baker found out he would surely be mad at him maybe even fired, the boy was terrified at the prospects of living on the stretts no longer with his cakes and bakes, so he hatched a plan.
Rats are a good excuse.
So that day he snuck up onto some cakes and with quick, small bites he made it look as if rats had eaten them and to make sure the baker would be utterly conviced he made a small hole in the back of the just enough so that possibly, just maybe he rat might have snuck in and taken some quick few bites before making their dastardly escape.
The baker was now conviced and with some simple traps and some good homemade chesse he was now sure that no rats would be eating his bakes ever again.
Of course the baker would be none the wiser to his ever growing fat employee.
Some weeks passed and now what was once a little boy had turned into a really really big boy and the baker noticed at first he thought he was the cause and that giving him those extra cookies had turned him into this.
Feeling bad and caring for the little boys health come next end shift he gave him no cookies instead some vegetables that he cooked himself would be much better.~
The boy for his part stiffled his dissapointment how could he not after all he had been stealing from the baker for weeks on end.
So with his little tray of vegetables he walked home sad and hungry.
Come next shift the boy noticed something right there right at the entrace a giant cake made to look like a sphinx was sitting proudly in the middle of the store.
The baker noticing the amazement on the face of the boy told him what it was.
A rival bakery right across the street had been taking his clientele away and with people assuming that his bakery now had rats due to the costant missing treats he felt challeged.
So he decided to put all his skills into making this masterpiece that would surely attract all the customers right back.
At this point the boy was not listening eyes bigger than his belly he could only think how wounderful such a magnificent cake would taste.
The baker left to the prepare some more things in the back and the boy just couldn’t hold himself back and with a slight flick of his finger he took a bit of the masterpiece into his big fat hands.
The taste was indescribable as if all the best flavours that he knew were put together to make the best flavour to ever exist.
The boy didn’t care anymore, he just wanted this cake for himself.
Throwing himself at the cake with reckless abandon he took bite after delicious bite at the sphinx.
The taste, the texture it was all he could focus on.
So much so that he didn’t even notice what was happening until his belly hit the table.
He was fat, well that is an understatement.
His belly was touching the floor.
His legs looking like tree trunks.
And his arms extending to his sides.
With figers as fat as sausages.
Homever the boy felt…
The boy with renewed vigor began taking larger and larger bites not caring for his inflating figure nor that the ground semmed to be growing further and further away from him.
As the boy took the last couple of bites from the cake he finally felt himself free from the ravenous hunger that he had and now could really see what had become of him.
The boy was a blimp filling the front of the store from one end to the other but what shocked him the most was not his giant belly that weighted more than an elephant of his cheeks that now served as permanent pillows at his sides no what socked him the most was the he didn’t feel the ground neither with his now useless legs nor his giant gut.
He was floating.
He was truly a blimp.
That’s when he heard the sound of a door opening and heard a gasp following suit.
He knew that he was in trouble he just didn’t know how much.
The baker carefully moved around the now giant blimp that was his employee.
A scourn decorated his face.
He acussed the boy of stealing his confections that he knew all along and was hoping that he would come around and say that he was sorry and that he would have forgiven him.
But now with his only method of gaining any semblance of his old glory back and just felt angry.
That is when he noticed the predicament that the boy was in and an idea came to his mind.
“Well if you want to be so greddy, let show them how greedy you are”.
A month after
The bussiness had gone back and it was bomming.
The baker could only thank his oh so big employee.
Meanwhile for whoever looked in the sky they would see the little boy tied by a rope so his blimped form couldn never escape, serving as an advetisement for the shop who’s sweets he decided to steal.

Ok, now that the story his over I would like to ask if anyone remebers this story, like if they had heard it in their childhood. Because as I’m looking back I see myself well a younger me listening to this story. I’m not sure if I made it up or if it’s actually an old fairytale but I couldn’t find it anywhere. If you do have some fairytale of your own about weight gain, inflation, and such I would love to read them wheter they be real or not.

Oh and for those who are wondering if I thought of this story because I had entered this “group” I actually remeber this story from like 3 to 4 years prior to entering this community “as in the weight gain comunity not this site” and is one of the reasons I think I actually came to know all of this.