Fallout 4 bodyslide but for faces/heads?

Tittle pretty much says it all, is there a mod or anything to make faces fatter? Or change them in any way?

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One guy has a mod that works for bodies, but I dont think they have any public plans on taking it anywhere

i’ve been trying to do this for so long… There is a topic in the skyrim bbw thread of LL (since skyrim and fallout use the same engine) where I posted one sculpt I did using Outfit studio, it looks good, but I don’t know how to deal with CreationKit and all the different files for the same thing (.tri, .nif, facegen etc)

All I did was import the head model and use the tools to reshape. I also used the meshes from High Poly Head.

I’ve trying sculpting with racemenu too, but it doesn’t look as good, although it seems to be easier to export.

if you figure something out PLEASE hit me up

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Couldn’t import it to the main game but I managed to use creationkit to import it into the Seranaholic esp somehow

don’t work so well anyway. Normalmaps are all fucked too