Fallout 4 ssbbw mod keeps unchecking self

I was going to play some fallout 4 with the fallout 4 weight gain mod but for some reason it won’t work, i go into the mods ingame and re-check it, it resets, then i check it again and it’s unchecked again. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Do you use vortex by chance?

Yes, i do use vortex in order to put my mods into the game.

I don’t use this particular mod, but the solution I found for this with other mods is to re-install them in Vortex. That seems to make Vortex overwrite the in-game mod manager load order again like it should.

This is more of a work around, but goto C:/users/user/appdata/local/fallout4/plugins inside the plugins folder put an * next to the disabled mod, save it and then enable read only that was the only thing that worked for me, i hope it could be of some help.