Fallout General

So, thanks to the release of Fallout 4, I, and i’m sure many others, have tried to figure out how to do a fallout based game/Interactive.

The big problem: Should you base it out of a single vault, or out of the whole postapocalyptic wasteland?

I have ideas for both, but neither are fleshed out, or large enough, to merit their own project or game…

[sub]not to mention i don’t have a proper engine besides twine…[/sub]

So feel free to discuss it here, any ideas or other things you’d love to see in a fallout style wg game.

Have you seen this mod for Fallout NV?


Its only somewhat related to what you’re talking about, but I figured I’d mention it. It improves the survival situation in NV, but more importantly allows you to gain weight if you eat too much. Unfortunately, it doesn’t visually change the character model, but being fat does cause some effects on various stats. I had some amount of fun with it, figured you’d like to know about it.

I remember a fellow around BBW-chan a while back had plans to make a fallout themed game. His name was Das-Amigos, he seems like the type to join up if he ever comes back. Anyways, his fallout weight gain game was based inside a single sealed vault and you would have played as an omniscient overseer of sorts and could fatter the residences and all that good stuff.

I don’t know if anything ever became of the project as he sort of disappeared before the game left the conceptual stages.

It’s a good game concept though as it keeps the scale small and controllable.

Well, as fun as the actual game stuff is, and omnicience, i might actually try and get some scenarios going within it. Mabye a few big branching paths.

1: Stay in a vault built around weight gain and all that goes with it. You playing as a vault dweller, trying to work their way up to vault overseer through a popular election, having to do tasks to win over varying voting factions within the vault. Once overseer, punish, help, do anything you see fit.

2: A complete world after the bombs drop, where radiation does… well, weight gainy stuff. Crops swelling, gangs who don’t care that much about ultraviolence, but instead their own goals, Gaining, making you gain, making money, et cetera.

And… as much as i hate to say this, but i’d be looking at more of a twine based thing for 1, and a coc-style game for 2. Either way needs a bit more fleshing out, gang styles and random events.

Atticus, do you still have the link to Das-Amigos’ blog?

It was on my last list post, but I can’t seem to find it since BBW-chan was reset.

If I recall correctly it was called Fallout Vault 303.

I realize I do not. Sorry.
I thought I had the info stored on my blog, but I guess I never wrote it down or something. Strange.

Was it Vault 131? 31? Or, damn, I’m not sure.

So many vault names…

101, 303, 363, 205…

We might recover it like this. Perhaps the best course of action is just to wait for Das Amigos to show up by himself.

I am honestly surprised there isn’t more weight gain centered content around the vaults or something similar to them. The concept of a group of survivors in a controlled enviroment where they are at the mercy of vault tec is perfect for fetish fuelled stories, but maybe i am just crazy. there was this, but it never went anywhere from what i can tell Vault 10C Fatout the game

damn that’s a RIP to that game and it sounded good too

I’m here.

To explain what’s going on with Fatout / where it is.

It’s on hiatus because I firstly I realised that the engine I was using could do stuff in a better way than I was doing it.

Secondly due to what I was aiming to do with the game it was quite ambitious and I realised I wasn’t experienced enough to make it easily. So I’m tryng to develop some of the systems in other projects first them combine that experience / knowledge to hopefully put it all together down the line into Faotuout.

Also you wouldn’t be an overseer. I won’t say much else but the Overseer would be in the game but wouldn’t be you as the player.

It might have seemed small scale but here’s some of what I was trying to do.

  • A game based round feeding other characters rather than you gaining as the MC
  • Day / Night cycle inside
  • Calorie system / gaining system
  • A stuffed / full / stomach capacity system
  • A size / clothing system
  • Some RPG systems
  • a Semi-random event thing
  • Characters that do have routines that also do change due to things happening.
  • A conversation tree so the characters at least seemed more real.

Just expect if stuff comes from me it’s going to be other stuff first.

I am working on things. I’m just not ready to say much outright about things I’m working on and I don’t plan to reveal much until it’s at least playable and in a state that I’m happy enough that people can play it and get some enjoyment.