Fallout New Vegas Weight Gain Mod

" failmuseum


Nov '20

Here’s what I’ve got so far on the mod: Fatroll New Vegas: Weight Gain Mod Demo by failmuseum on DeviantArt

How to install:
First you need the CBBE body for FNV installed correctly BEFORE you install my mod. The page explaining this process can be found here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/91919-fonv-cbbe-bodyslide-port-alpha-update-18-mar-2018/ Technically you don’t NEED to do this, but your nude body suits will have odd textures and I don’t know what happens if you don’t install the skeleton. Also DO NOT batch build, only “build” the CBBE base/nude body with the “fed” preset.

Once you have that working properly, simply install my mod using a mod manager of you choice (it should work like any other mod. If it doesn’t, a manual installation will work for certain). Any time you are asked if you want to replace a file, just say yes (this is the reason you want the cbbe/bodyslide mod installed first).

Oh and one more thing, I don’t recall if I set all of the food item’s weight gain values again. I know I did for the casseroles and Nuka Cola for certain though. Use those if your food items aren’t causing any weight gain."



Holy! i didnt expect an anwser so soon, Thank you very much

Nice! Is it possible to get this working with Robert S for male players? I don’t play female characters but the mod seems PERFECT for my character! Would also be great to have a MCM menu feature so NPCs can be toggled on or off with the WG features. Maybe even a toggle for male/female NPCs off and on?

I followed the “instructions” you provided to install the mod and…

Ummm…I don’t know what I did but…it’s not working, “[FONV] CBBE - Bodyslide port alpha” is installed and “Apple Jam Skeleton [FONV]” is also installed (and next to it I installed “BodySlide and Outfit Studio”)

So…any idea what could be going on?

Could it be because of my mods? The only mods I have that change the character’s body are mods that change the hair and eyes

First off, you ran bodyslide, correct?

Well…I hadn’t done it (and I preferred to reinstall everything again)

But now…uh…I’m investigating now what I did wrong

(I followed the instructions of each mod to the letter, but the "BodySlide and Outfit Studio” comes up blank, even when I select the skeleton)


So I do not know

When you wear any clothes it’s just like you haven’t gained any weight.

The current versions of the game that are available don’t have the clothes set up yet.

oh I see…but still, in the first image he is not wearing clothes (._.)

Idk about the glitchy nude model stuff, I haven’t actually played the mod yet. I’ve been looking into it because I guess that the latest uptick in Fallout interest had me curious, but I’m waiting to see if there are any new developments, especially since Bethesda released a rather unimpressive update that bricked all the mods for FO4.

So I’ve been playing through the mod, and I like the bodyslides so far, though my one gripe is that I can’t wear much of anything if I wanted to.
I’m curious as to how I could do some of the outfit compatibilities myself, given that the mod relies on CBBE NV.