Fallout rpg: a 2d20 system- weight gain mechanic

Hi, first time posting here on this forum. If I added anything in the wrong area, any help is always appreciated.

Last year a company called Modiphius had created a pen and paper version of the Fallout series under a system called 2d20

You can get the pdf copy for $20 and it has all the stuff you need to get started. ( but wait for two seconds) the company did a nice job trying to recreate the same atmosphere including weapon mods to consuming food, booze and chems.

I was inspired by the expanDnD mechanic and I want to help create a weight gain mechanic to give the system some extra flair.

I have a discord group right now for everyone to join up and share their ideas. We have space to share ideas for perks, new disease, syringe ammo ideas and new lines of chems. Any ideas is always welcome!

I hope to see you all in the wasteland.

Been typing ideas for perks like these for the last few days;

UPDATE 2-23-22

Welp its been over 2 months since I started the project. Lots of idea has been laid out, trial run and so far has been rather good.

Question before I start posting mechanic, I know this series runs on a Mechanic know as 2d20, does everyone want a quick rundown how this system works?