Fallout Shelter Fat girls mods

Im Just thinking what about a Mod for Fallout Shelter about Weight gain and fat fetish?


honestly, fallout shelter is a shitty mobile game mostly about waiting for stuff to be completed (though if you really want you can speed stuff up with money) and i don’t actually think there’s even a modding community so like

i might be wrong but doesn’t seem like it’d work


it would be better to make a new game that is based on WG.

i may or may not have one planned

Nexus mods does have a community spot for fallout shelter though


24 whole mods lmaooo
honestly if somebody here learns how to mod it and there’s a mod that cuts out all the money requirements and waiting and shit, this idea couldddd work

Well actually, the game is available on pretty much any platform. Also, since the game uses basic save files, you can just edit the files via a website.

To be truthful, I agree, even though I play games like Tapped Out and The Quest for Stuff. The game itself is too much like a clone of Hustle Castle, in my opinion.