Fallout Twine Game Dev-Log

Entry #1: Just got inspiration to make a fallout esk game. Maybe with an actually interesting story, i haven’t done this is a while so i might have to dig into the code of my previous games in order to actually make a functioning game, probably going to use harlow. Wish me luck.

Entry #2: Just relearned harlow, im now coding in stats and perks, all that stuff.

Entry #3: i did absolutely nothing today.

Entry #4: Finisher coding the stats and base stuff that ill be using for the entire game.

Entry #5: Probably going to be doing sketches and brain storming feature’s and plotlines so, im going to create an entry when i come up with something good.

Entry #6 Oh yay! I FORGOT TO SAVE MY TWINE GAME, SO MOST OF MY PROGRESS IS FUCKED. Trying again though :slight_smile: , Im also going to be “studying” fallout games, totally not procrastinating and playing video games… Studying.


I wish you good luck

Good luck! Remember to Google any other Twine code issues you run into if you don’t have specific older code to work from - there are a LOT of people who have put together “how to X” tutorials on Twine in both Harlowe and Sugarcube.

More entries out now!

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damn a fallout twine game honestly sounds like a really good idea, good luck with development, ill be watching from the sidelines haha

Thank youuuu! Much appreciated. Also its been 2 damn years.

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Cool idea, if you need some help I have worked a bit with twine and I would be willing to help you out a bit, it you wanted. If you want to know what I have worked on I am the main dev for Queen Size. Anyways cool project, can’t wait to see where it goes!

Ill keep in touch , thanks.

If you work from desktop, I’d recommend downloading the Twine editor desktop program instead of working from the online editor - as it will auto-save your work to your Documents folder as you go. Not that it will get what you worked on back, but it might prevent future losses in work.

No thanks i prefer the online