Fallout Twine Game Dev-Log

Entry #1: Just got inspiration to make a fallout esk game. Maybe with an actually interesting story, i haven’t done this is a while so i might have to dig into the code of my previous games in order to actually make a functioning game, probably going to use harlow. Wish me luck.

Entry #2: Just relearned harlow, im now coding in stats and perks, all that stuff.

Entry #3: i did absolutely nothing today.

Entry #4: Finisher coding the stats and base stuff that ill be using for the entire game.

Entry #5: Probably going to be doing sketches and brain storming feature’s and plotlines so, im going to create an entry when i come up with something good.

Entry #6 Oh yay! I FORGOT TO SAVE MY TWINE GAME, SO MOST OF MY PROGRESS IS FUCKED. Trying again though :slight_smile: , Im also going to be “studying” fallout games, totally not procrastinating and playing video games… Studying.

Entry #7 Ive been a bit busy with real life matters, but i have finally rebuilt up my work. Im also creating perks. Thats right im making some mfing perks, thell behave like they do in fallout, gain xp… get a perk. Perks can be used to add additional dialogue to outlanders talking to you. Also im using fallout 3 to base the games setting off of, sorry new vegas fans!

Entry #8 Surveying fallout fans. And thinking, it might be fallout 3 themed but it doesn’t have to be completely sad and realistic…

Entry #9 Im removing some SPECIAL’S. Which included Perception, and Agility. They both dont really matter. Ill also be removing skills that involve only combat. Like Guns and Unarmed. After all there should be no combat system. Im also considering removing strength because the only use i can see for it is being more mobile with certain weights.

Entry #10 Sorry about the small gap in posting entries, a close one died a bit ago and havent gotten to posting cause i had to deal with all the shit that has to come with the deceased. Sorry im taking a small break.

Entry #11 Ive decided to postpone working on my project for about 1 more month. The reason being because I found a kitten on the side of the road and I like it. :slight_smile:
Yes this means I haven’t given up on the project.

Entry #12 Its been a while. Im still doing this, I’m still alive. Might release a beta. Who knows.


I wish you good luck

Good luck! Remember to Google any other Twine code issues you run into if you don’t have specific older code to work from - there are a LOT of people who have put together “how to X” tutorials on Twine in both Harlowe and Sugarcube.

More entries out now!


damn a fallout twine game honestly sounds like a really good idea, good luck with development, ill be watching from the sidelines haha

Thank youuuu! Much appreciated. Also its been 2 damn years.

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Cool idea, if you need some help I have worked a bit with twine and I would be willing to help you out a bit, it you wanted. If you want to know what I have worked on I am the main dev for Queen Size. Anyways cool project, can’t wait to see where it goes!

Ill keep in touch , thanks.

If you work from desktop, I’d recommend downloading the Twine editor desktop program instead of working from the online editor - as it will auto-save your work to your Documents folder as you go. Not that it will get what you worked on back, but it might prevent future losses in work.

No thanks i prefer the online

Entry #7 out now! Take a look.

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I’m a huge fan fallout fan, nma-fallout life long read. Sad there hasn’t been more fallout stuff lately!

Your mildly keen to fallout lore then? Cause i want to do a little survey in a private chat.

I’m pretty well versed in it myself if you want to send it to me as well.

Well i can goddamn tell by the pfp.

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Entry bump. Sorry guys.

Bumping this post cause im a greedy little attention hog.

Pics?? :pleading_face:

Yes I am still alive.