fan art

just for fan art of this great game

i made artwork of all the characters in this game


Uh, I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. Thanks pal


Man this is not the place to post this


oh sorry, do you know wher

deviant art
i made a roblox version of thief there

ya know its not really that bad too post art in places that should not be art postful
but not opinion judging right now

Sorry for being a bit late on this but @Youwillbecomenot is incorrect in his statement. There is no rules we currently have that say you can not post fan art here.

While posting art on forums may not be the “best” place to do so the way this current topic setup is fine and violates none of our rules as long as the posted images relate to Eat The Dungeon and stay on topic.


soo as long as its on the topic?

Meaning that as long as the art pertains to the relevant game. So not just random art you happen to like.


Just a quick sketch of the kitsune ranger. Even if she’s not officially in the game yet. I still love her design. I’ll take it down if needed.


a doodle of jessie and jessie… wait a minute


decided to try drawing the spellblade but really fat! hope it looks good to y’all!

(btw if i’m not allowed to post this stuff here than i’m more than willing to take it down)


Did a profile shot and an extra fat drawing of Shut-In. Even though they’re a one-time character, I loved their simplistic design and their psychic powers for food. Thanks for continuing to make an amazing game, BewilderedGames!

Also an extra thank you to plopmcgee above for the amazing drawing of Spellblade, it helped with the second pic of Shut-In!

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