Fantasy Inn Character poll and Roadmap (Alexa poll is done and Erika poll is now open)

Hello im just the general update plan for Fantasy Inn and looking for feedback and what people would like in it.
So here the Roadmap so far
-Add personality and description to the character at the Inn 1/6 are DONE
-Add conversion between lb and kg and add there height DONE
-Add changes in dialogue once the character is over a weight limit Need to be add still
-Add events to happen every between the girls and add schedule for when to available to be visited not done yet

But in the meantime I meantime want the community to give me feedback by voting in my poll to help decided how the character are going to act in the game. Im gonna but running a poll for Alexa as she will be the first character so vote away.

Poll ends on the 31 at 10 pm ast
Erika race poll: What race should Erika be? - Straw Poll
Erika body poll: What bodytype should Erika have? - Straw Poll

Polls result
Alexa: Human and bottom heavy
Erika: Yet to be determine
Gabriella: Yet to be determine
Isabell: Yet to be determine
Lucy: Yet to be determine
Sophie: Yet to be determine


well I am hoping the characters are all different races and body type, but I fear the voting will say otherwise.

unless your making the winning race and body type unavailable for the character poll I’m not gonna get my hopes up.

don’t worry whatever combo win the poll will be unavailable for the other character just to keep thing more unique per character


This is so nice!
Alexa, play Despacito


That’s probably a very good call. Are you planning to have at least one girl with each body type represented in the game? I only ask as, with the half dozen or so girls currently in the demo, they could conceivably be all different species and all the belly body type.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a big belly, but variety is the spice of life, as they say.

Yea that the plan but im having trouble coming up with body types. Im gonna gonna be doing 6 mini update over the next few week to let people see the girls and tell me what they think

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Sounds good.

And if you just type in “list of female body types” into Google, you’ll get a lot of hits. Looked up something very similar for different stories I’ve been writing.

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Thank you for the ideal the next poll i use some i found

Well I voted for Goblin girl because I feel like every fantasy setting weight gain game should have a fat Goblin girl in it lol

Here’s hoping we get some bottom heavy Drow and Demons girls :crossed_fingers:

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You’d think after the few polls we’ve gotten in this community, the general consensus in preferred body shape is really clear. I don’t mean to ruin the fun of a poll, but once you know the community’s preference, you’re polling into the same answer every time. The game is the majority your’s, in the end, even if we participate in certain decisions to make it.

that fine the poll is more to give me ideal on what to make look like

Meh, a little variety in body shape from character to character wouldn’t be bad.
Alexa sounded like a nord in the demo, so human with beer belly suites her character I think.


Because the Alexa poll result was for her to be a human and bottom heavy, The options from been remove from the future polls