Fantasy Inn (Om hiatus)

Hello This is the first demo build of a game been working on about the player a being a Inn owner in a d&d esque fantasy setting and romancing one of 6 ladies while helping them gain weight along the way.
This version is more less a example for what im trying for so it very minimal at the moment.
if you have any ideas and suggestion please go ahead and tell me, I may add to the game.

**Edit:**This is the most up to date version of the game: Fantasy Inn0.0.2 The Alexa patch
Note: the other girl arent updated yet and wont work very with this current version so try and avoid them

**Edit 2: Not even a week and i got over 1k view and 100 download. Thank you everybody for slowing support so far

Edit 3: I wanna know what people wanna see on the next update, introduction Erika or continuing Alexa weight gain for now?
edit 4: real life had happend and i can’t continue to work on this for the moment.


Seems like a cool concept so far. If you’re looking for suggestions, then one idea I had was give the girls different relationships with one another. Maybe Sophia really hates Erika, and is willing to help the player fatten up Erika out of spite. Stuff like that would really add to the characters and make for a much more interesting story and game.


Really cool idea! Glad to see a working prototype along with it. I’m sure this is already in mind, but description text for the ladies would be excellent. Something for much further down the road might be schedules? Like, certain inn guests are only in at certain times (morning, afternoon, evening) or on certain days.


to be honest, there are not enough images

It would be good, If we could select the unit for the weight/height (metric units/imperial units)


I really like the ideal of character iterating with each other and helping the other character gain weight, i will try and put that in when im done putting the description and characters

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Yea im gonna start adding that in as a add in the character.

at the moment there no plans to add images just because i lack the ability to draw decent picture and im too poor to commission someone.

I will try and get the conversion working by the next update

What platforms will it work on?

It a html file so it should work on everything

hey i need help to get this working every\thing i try is not working pls help

Is the problem starting the game or progressing in the game?


What browser are you trying to run it on?

-Alexa is now a character instead of some random numbers
-Added basic plot elements and more importantly a body description for Alexa first weight level
-Added the option to pick between imperial and metric for measurements
-Added the basic schedule system for Alexa


I wanna know what people want me to work on for the next update besides the next girl to the game.
Does anyone want to work and the dialogue or fresh the job system more or have any other ideas?

If you ask me, I’d say more body/size descriptions. Essential for a WG focused game.