Farm boy bellies

Hi, this is an in-progress game where you play as a guy working at your Uncle’s dairy farm with your friend Max.

Your Uncle’s milk has some transforming properties, so be careful how much you drink. On top of the milk, your Uncle will also serve very hearty meals.

This game also has images, so you can see what your body looks like as you grow. Not all of the images have been made so once you or Max reach a certain weight the images won’t appear. It’s not a bug, they just have yet to be added.

Feel free to let me know if you find any bugs or want to give me feedback on the game.

You can see the images here: Sketch_FBB - Album on Imgur

Version 1: 399.8 KB file on MEGA
Version 2: 407.4 KB file on MEGA
Version 3: 424.4 KB file on MEGA


I’m noticing that you have a separate set of images for combining horns and belly, you might be able to save some time by having the horns alone that you can layer on top of the body image. That way instead of having a new picture for every possible combination of weight/horn stages, you can just have one set for horns and one for weight.


I don’t really have the coding/image knowledge to layer images together on Twine, plus I find having each image separate easier for me.

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Added a new content update, hopefully I’ll have made all the description pictures by tomorrow.


A new content update, some story and most of the pictures have been added.


Really cool game, excited to see where this one goes


On the third day (I think) the game says

“If you two are done with the storage shed then you can go feed the cows in the barn if you’d like.” Joe says.

I can’t seem to progress further than that. There are no other options except inventory (empty), check yourself and check max.

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So far I haven’t had time to write more than that, hopefully, this week I can update it some more.


just wanted to say it’s cool that you’e making your own game!
that takes a lot of effort and some commitment, and is pretty commendable ^-^
and of course increasing the number of weight gain games in the world is nice too!!

I hope you still are updating your game I am excited what’s going to happen next

dont think that will happen anytime soon.

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