Fat (and other things) Mods

This is kind of a follow up to my last post, Fat Rom Hacks. Mods really are just rom hacks of modern games. Kind of.

Anyway, if you didn’t see my last post. Basically, this is a big post of easily moddable games, basically asking for some fat (or even other things, more on that later) mods. It takes into account the difficulty of modding the game, plus the potential for modding in this community.

Noita. This is a great one to mod. There’s massive modding support built into the game itself. The wiki has a lot of great tutorials and it’s fairly simple. I was going to try a hand at it myself, but it’s definitely not for lower-end computers.

Stardew Valley. This is a more popular one, but it’s a bit harder to mod. For most things, you’ll have to learn C#. But, if you just want to edit sprites, there’s Content Patcher modding, which is simpler and only involves JSON (which is way simpler than C#).

Starbound. This game’s modding community is very active, and there’s a lot of tutorials you can find around the forums. While there is a fat mod for the game on these very forums, there’s still a lot of potential, whether it be in addons or completely new mods (such as an inflation mod).

Celeste. This one doesn’t have as much as the others, but it’s there. There’s ways to edit dialogue, and there might be ways to change the sprites? I might be wrong with that one, though.

Terraria. This is a big one. I’m actually working on a Terraria fat mod right now. The community is massive, and the mod loader is now on Steam. While it’s not on 1.4 yet, they’re working on it. The modding is only slightly more complicated than Starbound, but still pretty easy.

That’s about it. If you have any suggestions for games that should go on this list, tell me, maybe I’ll add it.


Starbound already has a fat mod though more can be done and the same with Stardew though the starbound is better

A few from my library that I know are (relatively) easy to mod.

Fallout (3, NV, and 4) and Skyrim: I’m vaguely aware of some mods for at least some of these which have already been posted elsewhere.

Plague, Inc.: Evolved: honestly not sure why I’ve not heard of anyone taking a crack at this one. Comes with a built-in feature that lets you create custom scenarios. Back in the day, I remember playing a GTS/furry themed mod of the game, which was great for what it was, and now I can’t find it anymore.

Sid Meier’s Civilization (particularly V and VI): Not really sure how this would work, but they’re easy to mod games.

Paradox Interactive grand strategy titles, including at least Crusader Kings II and III, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris: Believe I remember seeing a mod of Stellaris around these parts somewhere, and have seen dev work on stuff for CK. Haven’t seen anything for HoI4, EU4, or VicII, which is very understandable for the latter two (no real portraits anywhere) and even the former (World War 2 fatties? How exactly would that work?), but actually, writing up this list has given me an idea for an EU4 mod. Watch this space, I guess?

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Yes, I mentioned the Starbound mod in the Starbound section. Stardew Valley’s fat mod is a few sprite changes, there’s wayy more that can be done. And Stardew Valley and Starbound are completely different games.

Something I’ve particularly noticed in the “Bethesda Niche” (yes im calling it that) is that in order for the existant mods to work, most use existing bodyshape mods. And while the BBW options are abundant, most options for BHM are out of date or discontinued. So, if you’re good at modelling and texturing, there’s a big goal.

I actually came up with the idea for an inflation mod for Starbound, and other people on this site are working on said mod. It won’t be compatable with Big Fatties, but at least it will break the norm of this site’s Starbound mod addons.

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