Fat anime mod for City Skylines

You read that title right, someone out there just made a fat mod for City Skylines of all games! I think the dev could use some support, so if you have City Skylines go check it out and leave him a comment :+1:


I think I recognise those characters, they’re from a Japanese dating sim (called Debutopia I think). How oddly specific.

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Well hot damn, and I just got the game a week ago and just spent an hour looking for vintage cars. This is some level of coincidence

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i found these mods yesterday , the creator even made a chubby Lucoa, so i was wondering if there are more mods like these besides from that creator or if there are some people who like to create more like these for this game, cause i think there is much potential for a themed city ( fats, preggos, inflated etc.) together with the mod that lets only spawn custom citizen instead of vanilla citizen as long as there exists one

Btw Lucoa mod and another mod not available on steam anymore but from the same creator:
Chubby Lucoa
Busty Cow Girls on Loverslab