Fat Boy Runner

Play it here: Fat Boy Runner by Axxisproductions (itch.io)

Marlon is a young lad who’s always liked to run despite his size and practices hurdling by jumping over giant apples that have fallen off a science truck.

space = Jump

When player touches apple restart page to replay game.

A jumping game I made from fresh in less than 90mins including programming on Scratch.

I was inspired by classic Scott Cawthon game Chubby Hurdles and while chatting in Chumboii’s discord server I decided to try out the idea during some spare time.

This is also most likely going to be the last game I ever make in Scratch as a secondary engine.

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I really think you should spend more than 90 minutes on games moving forward. There’s very little substance here. I think you have decent concepts that need fleshing out substantially more before you present them.

On a gameplay note, even slightly touching an apple with any part of his sprite results in a game over (even the very tip of his foot long after a successful jump), although there’s no progression anyway. I got to 20 for the heck of it in case I was wrong about seeing everything the game had to offer within the first three seconds, but it turns out you can just hold space and the score piles up anyway.

The scrolling clouds is a nice touch, but it’s just about the only thing I can scrape any praise for. It’s nice that you’re putting yourself out there, but I spent longer writing this than I did playing the game, and I’m a damn fast typer.


Updates are going to continue with the game soon, i was on a personal challenge with the 90mins timer and id consider this unsuccessful in that regard.
I do plan on adding music to the game and even changing the apple sprite to give it more of a rounded avoidable shape, i have had folks complain about the space bar score cheat and i plan on fixing that soon.
As for the game offering more i can probably add a bird every unique score if that works.
I did try and make a running sprite animation for Marlon but due to the color pallet its not very clear but its there.
Truth be told this is most likely the last game im making in Scratch as im slowly going to attempt to improve this over next few days.
I would like to personally thank you for the feedback as I do like seeing folks actively engaging with my projects and it does help me improve over time.
I do apologise for the lack of substance for now but i promise ill do the best i can with this project and potential sequels moving forward.
(P.s. next game is going to be made in clickteam fusion so stay tuned :slight_smile: )

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I had complaints about cleared jumps leading to game overs so to combat this I moved Marlon forward a touch so a successful jump doesn’t lead to game overs.

I have also added a parrot that spawns at 12 points and 35 points in order to add a little more content to the background.

The most obvious change is the music in the background to give to audience something more to listen to while playing.

Biggest fix is that pressing space bar no longer gives out points like candy apples at a halloween party, to get a point you must now clear the oversized science apples.