Fat Burglar: The World's Shortest Platformer


So I kind of just decided to jump into this at the last minute with essentially no game design experience and about the same experience with doing sprite art. That said, this is incredibly janky and very, very short, just something I wanted to put together to see what I could do with the limited time and sort of act as a trial for some of the things I’ve been wanting to do with weight gain games and mechanics. Also there’s no sound. I spent like about 30 minutes slapping some free music and sounds together and none of it even works once it gets compiled, figures. >:I

The game centers around an anthropomorphic fox thief sneaking into places and getting into oddly prevalent and not so oddly fattening shenanigans. This game does include female furry weight gain, a little immobility, and slime inflation, so if those aren’t your things, you might want to skip it. There’s no nudity, just some wardrobe malfunction leading to pixelated underwear and bellies.

The basic controls are just using the arrow keys for moving and jumping, and “Z” to attack. If you find yourself in a menu, either wait a couple seconds or press any key to continue. Hope you all enjoy this mess! I know I’m cutting it extremely close on the time limit lol


Okay, so I really don’t know what I’m doing, so sorry about any problems, but on my end, when you extract and click on the “New Project” app it gives off some antivirus warnings. I’ve seen it with other entries so I’m pretty sure that’s common. I don’t know how to code anything and just used Construct 3 to slap this together, but I really don’t think it’s anything beyond my PC being “Hey, I don’t know what this is.”

Also password to use at this link is “Slime



I spent two hours to find the right ones and, as result, made by myself using instruments in FL Studio XD

I would glad to see any screenshots or something!! It requires 500 MB, woah. I think I’ll try tomorrow ^^

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the password wont work

S lime. The S is capital. Its case sensitive


I really wanted to try making some music from scratch just to see how it would come out, but it was literally the last thing I did so there was no time. If I get the time to work on it again might be fun. I’ll have to check out FL Studio, never heard of it!

As for screenshots, the whole game is probably like 4-5 times the length of this so I’ll just upload this one showing the gist of it, not including weight gain elements.


Those I’d rather keep as a surprise since there’s not many assets overall. There’s a failure state caused by weight gain, but it kind of takes some maneuvering in the slime pit to get to since I didn’t balance the system too well, and the slimes either add too little weight to the player or jumping/starting to move removes too much.

As for the file size, good call! I was so tired I thought it was just poor optimization on my end, then realized that it was not only that, but the fact that Construct 2 just places multiple versions in one folder, so I added a Windows and Mac version separately to the original link for convenience. I left the original upload completely untouched, but I think it’d be a bad look if my game took way longer to download than to beat. :yum:

Also just wanted to point out that this game is kind of a mix of things I’ve seen others do with their work that I wanted to try playing with myself. It’s really a pale imitation of those fun things, whether it’s a similar weight gain mechanic to games like Sonic XL by Captain Bozo and Ranger or Calorie’s weight gain platformer, or the game over screens similar to things done by j867bbw or Grimimic’s Stuffing RPG! I would be remiss to not give credit to these creators, and I’d like to also thank my friends as well for their assistance, whether it was technical support with some bugs or just support overall, especially Majority Integration, Yuiyana, and Default/Metroidbob.

for no prior experience this is rather well made although i do have a gripes first the attack is way too slow hopefully these game jam games get worked on afterwards some look good

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Thank you! And yeah, I need to work on the attack animation a bit, as well as a score of things. Hopefully one day I’ll have the time to make this into a full game, or something similar even, but that’s a bit of a long stretch so nobody should get their hopes up. Ultimately I kind of wanted to see if it was something I could do within the time limit, and it was a fun challenge to get it done!

Also here’s some backup links aside from itch since I’ve been told people have had problems downloading from there.

Windows Version


Mac Version


It’s a lot harder to lose than to win but I’m glad I made the effort because atht gain sequence is really cute :slight_smile:

Win64 version, the game is a neat little slice, but there seems to be something wrong with some of the graphics. Both times the game throws a big-text sentence at me, the last word is missing, like falling down the pit, it says "YOU ARE _______ "

For a first attempt, very well done all things considered.
Rough of course, but the art is solid. Some polishing and extension and bada boom, platinum seller.