Fat Camp Escape

Hi! I’m new to this forum, but someone on BBWchan suggested that I post here about the first weight gain-themed game I created, Fat Camp Escape.

It’s a text puzzle adventure created in Quest. I think you’ll agree if you play it that it’s pretty rough (I mainly made it as an experiment to learn the Quest engine) but maybe some of you will enjoy it.


Cool, i’ll have to take a look when i have a free moment!

Saw your message on the BBWChan thread. Glad to see you made your way over here. If there are any resources I can provide you here on the forums, feel free to ask.

It’s pretty good, though I got lost trying to find the next thing to do many times…
And well, I got a map, and I don’t know where to go now.

Thanks, Kilif!

Sizable Snivy, it sounds like you’re almost done (It’s a pretty short game). If you stand on the dock and use the butter on yourself, you should be able to swim across the lake.

Ah, thanks!

Wow, I have heard of your name before. I was going to warn you that someone very popular had the same name as you and it is nice to have a celebrity here. I did not know it was a word. That is so weird, but it is a useful word. Considering how you seem to feel lonely as a weight gain fiction writer, I am thinking about trying it out. I am a very dedicated writer despite not really having any works written. Interactive fiction is what I am also starting to look at because it is starting to get more attention and writing stories in pure word format makes them feel invisible to me. I will tell you what I think of the game once I get to the end. (I will write it in this same post.)

The writing style is pretty interesting. It seems like everything is loaded with impact. However, it seems like it changed a bit soon after the start of the game and became more purely descriptive than playfully descriptive and impactful (which is something hard to sustain without sacrificing the story and adventure). It is common for the first scene of any story to feel different so, I would not worry about it much. The purer writing you used later on was also very good quality and still full of life.

Now that I have mostly finished the story, the only real problem I had was the idea that both the canoe and the inflatable raft have a hole in them. The rest of the game seems reasonable, but that seems really contrived. I also found it odd how easy it was to leave at night, but nobody seemed to have done it besides Joan. Also, I suppose that “speak to” is supposed to work when it is presented, but it does not even put out a text saying that it can’t be done and I was thinking that the game was incomplete because of that.

On less of an error note, I found out a funny trick: you can take off your t-shirt and shorts after you put them on and still go through the areas. I dropped both the tshirt and fixed shorts behind and was able to move through all of the areas. I am not sure if you can or want to program a story to fight against it, but I am guessing that you could make the clothing into consumables rather than equipment to prevent this from happening.

My main enjoyment of playing this game was traveling through the camp and solving the puzzle of getting your clothes in a somewhat public place, despite how small these themes are. It was also very nice to see the diversity of descriptions which even went to explaining different body shapes associated with the race of the campers and their personalities. Having body size as another identifying factor of a person is fun, especially when it is so central to the story.

this is really interesting, maybe for future releases maybe allow characters to give hints to what to do, else you’ll just be going around trying everything until you find what you need, (I’m stuck just looking for shorts that fit)

Hi Jhalem! Thanks, I’m very flattered to be recognized and that anyone would consider me a celebrity XD It’s always good to hve more writers, so I hope to read your work when you get it finished and posted online. Let me know what you think of the game.

Avakann, thanks for the tip! You’re right, I’m finding that the game isn’t nearly as intuitive as I thought, so haing characters give hints would be a good idea! To get shorts that fit, you need to use the safety pin to fix the busted shorts. Thanks for trying it out! :slight_smile:

Enjoying the writing in the game so far, but exactly how does one fix the shorts? Using the items, pin and shorts, separately does nothing, and in attempting to combine the two, a response of ‘That doesn’t work,’ or ‘You can’t use it that way,’ occurs.

I think you have to “use pin on shorts.” Edit: If you have both shorts, “Use pin on busted”

I beat the game, only getting temporarily stumped in a few places. On the one hand the syntax/parsing/order of operations to complete certain tasks is a little rough, but on the other hand, Molly really successfully managed to foreshadow/hint at most solutions through the fiction, which most text adventures fail to do.

Specifically, there were a few places when the conversation menu didn’t work unless you actually typed out “ask about .” The prose was rad, though. You could expand this game if you wanted, but I actually think it was a good “lunch break” length.

Hi Blargballs, try “use pin with busted shorts”. That should work. I’m realizing now that I wasn’t very good with including alternative ways to do actions… it’s a little like playing Space Quest II, I guess!

Thanks for the feedback, Kostromama! Glad you enjoyed the prose! I’m first and foremost a writer, so that’s where I’m most comfortable. Programming is new to me (or rather, using a Programming for Dummies system like Quest XP) so your feedback is really helpful :slight_smile:

what do you use to capture the rabbit, I have the carrot

Avakann, that one’s a little complicated: You have to build a rabbit trap, using the branch and a brassiere!

I played the game when you first put it on deviantart, since i do enjoy your work and try to stay fairly current with your Alice story and found the game to be very enjoyable; albeit a bit confusing to get through sometimes. that however was not a huge problem given most games of the genre have that tendency and how well it was written made the game feel well put together and not really rough around the edges.

Thanks, as1224, glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

Yooooo Mollycoddles

Any chance for an offline version?

I only ask because I’m actually in the process of making a pretty complex WG/stuffing themed game, and I’d love to see how you did a few things in yours!

If you’re not comfortable with it, that’s cool though.

Sure, I could send you the Quest file if you’d like. I don’t know how helpful it will be, but hopefully you’ll get something from it!

That’d be peachy! I’m just struggling with some complex/layered actions, and you’ve done something very similar to what i’m trying to pull off. If you wanna email it to me, it’s jerkajerk1@yahoo.com

Aaaa, I loved this so far. Having a bunch of different characters to interact with’s a really great way to explore the theme (and them being actual characters with their own agendas and not just kinda empty quest-givers or antagonists)!