Fat Craft - a Minecraft fat related discord server

Hello and welcome to Fat Craft, the community for everything fat and minecraft!

This server offers anyone who could host minecraft servers a good infrastructure to start their own servers and share them with a growing community of experienced minecraft players! Currently the list of servers is as follows:


Each server provides something different; for instance my own server is running the Create-Astra modpack with some added mods to allow for fatties to go to space! Some other servers are undergoing maintenance but will be back at a later time to host their own unique experiences!

We have a wide arrangement of fat models, everything from tiny foxes, nerdy girls to absolutely huge dragons (wood block underneath for size reference):

These were all made by very talented people;
the little fox was made by Hexadood #1852,
the nerdy girl by Dumby #4160 and the big Ender dragon by me! Smoople Pooples#3313. You can meet many more of these kinds of models and commission or learn to make one yourself by many people here!

Hope to see you soon!


What a beautiful server!!


Bumping this, I’ve joined, it’ s a wonderful group of people all hangin’ out and vibing, having fun exploring things. Definitely check it out if you like both minecraft and fat things.

Interesting! I’m a bit curious, though the invite link seems not to work anymore.

Yo, I’ve seen some of your videos, I think it’d be super cool to have you on the server, Here’s a link that will expire in 7 days.

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Oh shit ill renew it, thank you for letting me know

Thanks guys! :3 Appreciate it.

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The link expired again

can we get a new link?

Scuses, thought i did, there ya go!

Is there a way to ask for another invite link? I’m very interested in the server!

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the server link isnt working

Hello, if possible could I please get an invitation to the server? The current one seems to have expired.