Fat Dragon Feedings (Unity animation demo)

Reposting now that the forum is officially back up. I put the first of these together a few months ago to see if I could get real-time jiggle physics to work with 2D skeletal animation, and then took some money to redo the art and rigging with a different character.

The food items have collision detection, so you can push around certain parts of the characters, or just drag the food to their mouths to feed them and watch them grow. Holding the space bar will shake the whole scene, if there’s not enough jiggling for your fancy.


I like this! They’re so soft! Are you planning on doing anything with these gals?

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I’ve thought about doing an “expansion pack” with more game-like content, but my day job has been kicking my ass for the last couple months. If you have a good idea I am willing to listen.

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Aww, hope your job lightens up! And if I think of anything, you’ll be the first to know~

I love this! If you’re thinking of adding more characters, try adding one with boobs that grow bigger than the belly. I think it would be a great addition to what you’ve got so far! Also, how did you make this? I’d love to try it out myself!

The boobs and belly are on different meshes, so I could already change their size independently. This was put together using Unity, and a 2D mesh plugin called Anima2D, along with a little custom code for weight tracking.

how did you learn how to make this? I can’t find any tutorial for making something like this online.

There are a couple tutorials for Anima2D rigging on YouTube. You’ll also need to look up some info on Mechanim to actually animate your character. I can probably just give you the feeding scripts, as there isn’t much to them.

That’d be great! Thanks for the help!

Decided to check out the demo and I’m impressed.

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I’m lucky Axxis bumped this thread because I don’t know how else I could have found these otherwise. This some really amazing stuff combining the interactivity I’ve only seen in 3d games with some absolutely beautiful 2d artwork. The way the characters squish and jiggle are just mesmerizing. Just fantastic work all around.