fat dungeon ideas - traps, enemies, details, etc?

I have a little cyoa game that I’m writing up, and I’d like a few ideas for traps, enemies, and etc. of a fatty variety. I have a bit of stuff in mind which I don’t really wanna spoil, but I know I don’t have enough ideas at the moment to make a full cyoa like I’d like.

I was just curious if there were any weight-gain related traps or enemies you think you might find in a fat dragon’s dungeon. If I use the idea, I’ll be sure to put a little credit on the page of the cyoa, and of course I’ll post here when I feel it’s ready to show off! :smiley:

EDIT: I should specify, I’m going to have a slow gain leading up to a finale that will change depending on how big you’ve become, and a few other factors. I’m probably going to twist ideas towards less extreme gains, and nothing game-ending, except for maybe a few.

Well, if I may…!

1): The MarrowJaw:

A clan, be it Orcs, Trolls, Goblins or all three at once, who treat eating their victims very seriously. Their entire culture is based on culinary pursuits, and they have developed many advanced techniques in properly preparing their prey. Status, wealth, and even political power hinges on how well one can fatten up some hapless human/elf/dwarf/whatever and make them taste good.

As such, they will often be more focused on immobilizing you than just straight up killing you whenever you encounter them, with many of their magic users having spells specifically to pack on pounds. Can’t let a kill go to waste!

2): AzureFolk:

A peculiar species of azure-skinned pretty-boys/girls, and living fossils from the Before-Times. Back then, they were wood elves, seeking a direct connection to nature itself. They specifically conducted research on blueberry bushes for this end, but under circumstances lost to time, these experiments permanently transformed their kind. They are now constantly blowing up into blueberries, to the point of exploding if they don’t transfer the juices into another being. Many elves burst during the initial calamity, and now they are a desperate tribal lot, desperate to escape the cruel fate imposed by their hubris.

They typically have farms of animals that they dump juices into where which they are often found, but they will be more than happy to attack adventurers on sight.

3): Man-Mountains:

GIANTS. They can be of any race and of any gender, but they all essentially fit under one umbrella; impossibly large, impossibly fat, and quite prone to wanton violence.

Their goal is to eat. Plants, animals, people; if it’s edible, it goes right into their massive gullet. They will gladly raid entire cities alone to get their desired fill, and typically have the raw strength to back it up.

The average Mountain won’t be a lot larger than an elephant, but some can reach heights equal to castles.

And while they typically attack things smaller than themselves, they will be quick to attack each other on sight. They themselves are quite a lot of meat!

4): Mimic Supper:

Dinner table mimics! Typically hiding in abandoned manors or castles, they disguise themselves as fresh dinner for any poor dipstick who gets it into their head to eat. When sufficiently fattened, they become the main course.

I’ll be more than happy to add onto this later, of course…

hoofa, thanks for the idea dump! I’ll think about these; I’m probably gonna keep it weight gain centric, and I’m gonna try to avoid bad ends except for maybe a few here and there.

but thank you! I had almost forgotten about mimics…

You can refer to Turris Puesco, Fatcubus, hidden food, Surface base, Cursed equipment, even Use food or magic from the dungeon to fatten villagers and store owners during leisure.

Regarding traps, there’s always the tried-and-true rickety wooden bridge that can handle a single person’s weight, but no more. There’s also the weighted pressure plate; same principle, different consequences. For a more subtle trap, there’s always the uncomfortably-small opening that MIGHT be big enough for you… But might just get you stuck.

Something I think would be interesting is a spellcasting creature like the Illithids (Mind Flayers) from D&D. Using “thralls” under their control to fight instead of fighting themselves, only using spells that either strengthen their minions or weaken the player. With fat of course. The main monster could stuff food into the player via magic while the thralls (who could be previous victims of the monster) try to physically damage the player.

Just an idea I thought of.

A specific example I have used, in literature mind you, was the classic “chamber filling with 'slime.” Granted, the female players in the particular example mis-interpreted their options and chose to eat all the “slime” instead of freezing the nozzles closed as intended. But in the end, stuffed bellies and more chub.
Another idea, and I am ripping this off from somewhere I can’t remember, would be suicide slimes that force-feed themselves to intrepid lady-adventurers.

Here’s a thought. A dead-end room with a weight-based lock on it. There could be something the protagonist would have to sit on or stand on, and they’d need to be heavy enough to activate the lock and open a secret passage.
Too heavy, and a second lock that needs a heavier weighty adventurer will activate a trap that will fatten up the poor guy even bigger.

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I appreciate the responses; I love brainstorming like this so I hope someone else gets some good ideas from this as well.

also! I guess I should spoil some more about what I want to do with this stuff.

essentially, I’m writing up (slowly) a little cyoa of a fattening dungeon. through it, there will be several opportunities/traps to pack on your pounds, and ideally different ends based on how fat you are and other decisions you may have made. right now I have several ideas for traps and the like, and at least one choice that is going to change the ending noticeably. if anything, I’m looking more for stuff that can be avoided/beaten, rather then things that require you to be fat or can’t be gotten out of (though those have an appeal :sunglasses:)

Indiana Jones style dart trap that fatten you up, or maybe some tribesmen who coat their darts/arrows/spears in a unique venom that fattens the victim up, and the snake that produces said venom which is VERY fat due to how its venom neutralizes prey

Are you asking for events/traps that are harder to succeed at when heavier?
Or for events/traps in which failure induces weight gain?

really, both are good. essentially just traps and enemies that can normally be beaten or avoided, but that a hasty or less cautious adventurer might trip into or get caught by. essentially, I’m aiming for several endings, from still thin up to I-ate-everything-in-the-dungeon fat.

so you can trip into every trap, or just step in willingly, or avoid almost every one and leave with only a few extra pounds to your name.

If that’s the case, I do have a slight revision to the weight lock I shared before.

I guess if you’re going for something like a no-weight gain run, pretty much a perfect run I guess, another idea is that you could’ve found some items that “make” you heavier without actually fattening you up. Use them, activate the weight lock to proceed, voila! Didn’t actually get any fatter to continue forward.
Idea for such item is a magic belt or ankle weights that only make you heavier when worn, but when taken off it’s only like 1-2 pounds heavy in your bag.


In this vein: Making monsters/NPCs trigger traps in your stead… And possibly using them to activate weight-sensitive switches or block doorways.