Fat Fortnight Rename Competition! (Ends 6/15)

Good day everyone!

As we mentioned in last months post [POLL] The Next Game Jam & Considering Adding an IF Category we need to come up with a new name for the game jam and we figured it would be fun to make a bit of a competition out of it. Its not much but we are offering a $20 prize to whoever comes up with the name we end up choosing.

To enter either reply to this post with your idea or @Weight_Gaming on twitter with the hash tag #FatFortnightRename.

To receive the reward the user must have a valid PayPal we can send the money to. In the event multiple users make the same suggestion and that suggestion is picked, the winner will be who ever posted the suggestion first. Also, please only reply name suggestions to this thread.

I look forward to seeing what this community can come up with!


Gain Jam, boom has a 20 character limit so this is filler


Can we suggest more than 1? I’ll start with only 1 to be fair.

WeightGaming Fat Gaming Jam

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Multiple Suggestions can be made. We ask that you just do not go crazy with it.

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I’m going to have to second Gain Jam, though I think Cakecatboy suggested that in the first thread almost instantly.


Hell yes!

WeightGaming Fat Gaming Jam
WeightGaming Game Jam
Two Weeks Gaming Jam don’t pick this one
Fat WeightGaming Development Jam
WeightGaming Development Jam
Gamedev Jam: A Game Making Competition
GainGaming Dev Jam
Game Making Development Jam, hosted by WeightGaming

Snackathon (@cakecatboy’s idea)

WeightGaming’s Game Jam: A Two-Week Game Making Event

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All of the following suggestions should use “Game Jam” at the end

Season of Stuffing
Adipose Additions
Packing on the Pounds
Feedist Fortnight
Hefty Half-Month
Delicant Dev-ouring


ah, I’m not sure if I get to have first dibs on the idea “gain jam” since I did post it in the last thread, not technically the contest one, so I’ll just quote my other ideas here:

Gain Jam
Battle of the Bellies
Chonk Challenge
Tummy Tournament 
War of the Waists

thanks for the opportunity guys! I won’t be upset if you stick to the rules and give the credit to the first one to mention it in-thread!


Its not all too clever but heres my recommendation

The Exquisite Expansion Game Jam

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Gaining Game Challenge
Gains Done Quick
WeightGaming Gain-Off

Hard to come up with a name that is open to different types of WG games - only so many options available, but there’s some nice ideas already.

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Maybe not the most original, but how about Weight Jam?

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The Weight Gaming Game baking competition

  • The Stuff of Game stuff

  • The website weight up

  • The Fat free for all

  • The BIG Gain.

  • The Fun time Fat time

  • The game night gain.

This is so much Fun I love coming up with Dumb ideas

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The Weight Gaming Jigglin’ Jam!

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Gainy McGainface


Weight Gaming Jelly Belly Jam

Game Dev Cram & Jam Session

The Freshmen Fourteen Game Jam

The Iron Dev Competition

The Fortnight Means Two Weeks Open A Dictionary Game Jam

  • Potluck Dare
  • Belts Open
  • Distension Derby

That’s all I got.

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I’ll reiterate what I said previously, and I know I’m not the first one to bring up the suggestion. Neither in this thread nor the previous.

Gain Jam.

It’s a shoe-in. Succinct, clear, simple, straightforward and on-brand.
With extra emphasis on the “on-brand” part. Makes it easily identifiable by people who are part of the forum and easily traceable for people who want to know the source, by which I mean both the creator of the game as much as the forums themselves. And considering discoverability is what drove a lot of people into this forum to begin with… I’d say it’s a perfect fit.
If that, for some reason, is too short, perhaps WeightGaming’s Gain Jam. It might be very on the nose, very obvious, but I think that’s why it works.

About the reward for picking the “winning name”, and I know it’s probably non’a my fucking business, I’d much rather that was destined to other parts of the forum. Hell, perhaps increasing the prize for the next jam.


I already know what’s going to win, but screw it. I’ll put my tattered hat in the ring.

Gain Devs

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Bountiful Bellies Game Jam
Snackdown Throwdown
Munchie Game Development (bad name I know)

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