Fat Fortnight Submissions Close in about 18 Hours! (CLOSED!)

Around 18hrs left in the game jam! If you are working on a submission now is the time to apply your final tweaks!

Remember it does not need to be finished, it just needs to run. If you feel it’s not finished submit it anyway. You might get a better score then you might think!

This post is the last call for submissions! The game jam ends in 2 hours from the time of this post. We can’t wait till we get to play all your amazing games.It’s obvious you’ve all put so much work into your projects that it is going to be a harrowing task to judge them all.

Good luck!

OK everyone pencils down, we are calling it here! We will leave the category open for one more hour just for stragglers who are trying to get it in but after that we are closing it down. So get your submissions in now if you have not!

We have now closed all submissions. We would like to thank everyone who chose to participate this year. We got about 26 submissions and that is just amazing to see so much good work from this community! I know we are here are all looking forward to playing you submissions in the coming weeks. Thank you all again!