Fat garry's mod...mod

recently i got garry’s mod, a game that has the main goal of bein an ever expanding sanbox filled with peoples creations. however, it has little to no fat/ weight gain content. it’s my ambition to fix this, but how? the answer may lie in the fat fetish comunity residing in one of valve’s most iconic games.

garry’s mod takes models from every other source game so maybe i can import the fat pyro mod by changing tf2’s pyro model. i have no idea how to code or how the source engine works, hell i barely know how to use blender so i will stumble my way into knowing how to import these models even if they are just ragdolls and maybe learn how to import fat bbw’s without using tricks.

here are the mods im gonna use

i’ll tell you how it goes


getting the models from sfm to garry’s mod is easy enough. just shove the foulders on the addons folder. but what about player models? thats the next step