Fat girl 3d models

Anybody have any 3d models of a chubby/fat girl I can use for free?

Gonna have to be more specific, champ.
Are you looking just for some fat human women, or furries?
Are you looking for a character with the shape keys to become fat, but start out small so you can customize her more?
Do you need the model for Blender? Unity? VR Chat? SFM?


Okay so sorry about that. Let me answer your question. 1. I’m looking for human women. 2. It could be both shape Keys and customization are cool but if she’s just fat that works too. 3.The model can be for blender or vrchat.

that sounds so HORNY, mate

and? like you’re not horny when coming here?

there is an addon for blender called MB Lab that generates 3d models and you can make fat models with it

There’s also http://www.makehumancommunity.org/

Oof the shaders of that program would demolish my piece of shit pc