Fat Girl Sandbox Idea

I thought it would be nice to have a cute little sandbox game where you are a girl in a world made of food. You can eat everything in the world, or use the resources to build stuff. You will have a calorie meter, a hunger meter, and a thirst meter. If you’re hungry, eating will fill you, and add to the calorie meter. If the calorie meter is above a specific point, you slowly gain weight. You can also eat even if you aren’t hungry. Doing this can lead to you becoming stuffed. If you’re stuffed, you burp a lot, and gain weight slightly faster, but you can’t eat anymore until your hunger meter goes back into the normal area (full or hungry). Stuffing yourself often can make it so you get hungry faster. It’s possible to get so fat that you roll around if you lose balance, and it may take a bit for you to get back onto your feet. As for food, everything in the world is made of food, even the dirt is tasty because it’s chocolate cookie crumbs! The wildlife is edible, and always tasty, and the critters love to be eaten, so you don’t have to feel bad about eating a chocolate bunny, or a little hopping burger. The rivers, lakes, and oceans are made of soda, and you may find mentos trees growing near them :wink: so feel free to indulge. I don’t want immobility to be a feature, since it would probably ruin the gameplay. No one wants to sit around doing nothing, so at least being able to roll around would be nice. As for how the game would be built, The game would use smooth octrees for the terrain, block shaped octrees for building materials, and tree models made of candies, sweets, and treats. As for the engine, Unity would probably be my first choice, but I would probably have it so not many trees generate since Unity doesn’t like multiple separate objects in a scene. They would most likely have to be affixed to the octree grid so it counts as part of the grid. These ideas make me wish I had experience with programming.


So, it would be like the 3D Mario games or the 3D GTA games?


I would assume a Mario style game would be better suited for such a fantasy world.
It sounds super fun!

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It would use smoothed octrees (blocks essentially, think Minecraft) for the terrain which you can dig into and eat. Building blocks will be traditional 1 meter cubes that can also be eaten, or placed. I don’t have any programming knowledge, but I like to get my ideas onto virtual paper while hiding like a coward behind TOR. :rofl: