Fat Harley Quinn - 3D Animated Short

Hi all! I’m new to this site and was hoping I could get some ideas on a project I’m developing.
I’m a 3D modeller and am currently working on a fat Harley Quinn model, and I plan on revealing her in a two minute animated video (SFW).
I’m obviously hoping to please those who share the same fetish, but I’m also aiming to make this moderately accessible to viewers who don’t share the fetish either. With that being said, however, her weight will not be hidden- and should still be the main focus of this project.

I was hoping to ask for your thoughts on how I can handle this. Harley will narrate over clips of how she is now and what she’s up to. It won’t be following a story structure or anything, but exists to give my Harley Quinn development beyond her design, and explain how she could plausibly gain weight (and the implications of that). Just for an idea of my limitations, I don’t plan on having any other notable characters or crazy locations for time-sake (they can be mentioned of course, though).
I’m currently looking for ideas on how you think an overweight Harley Quinn should spend her free time, hopefully these can play out into short, entertaining scenarios that justify her increase in weight.
I have a few ideas myself, but I’m hoping to hear yours as I’m intending to avoid backlash from people who aren’t use to this kind of content. If you have any thoughts on those questions, or perhaps ideas of stuff we could see in this short, please let me know!



Hey! I didn’t expect to see you here! :>
(tis me, hellmom from the DA.)

to properly answer your question though, I think teasing the audience would be a good idea, so they get an idea of the final product :>

though i’m just speaking off on what I think is the best idea imo, lol. best to see what others would think! ^^

Oh hello there, nice to see you here! Yeah that was my first post!
My current idea is to begin the animation with Harley saying, “Life is like a box of chocolates,” and before she continues, she gets distracted and lists of all the foods she had recently. She does this before we even see her, and the list goes on, and on, to a very concerning amount. Without even knowing it’s a much bigger Harley, audiences should be able to tell by just how much she’s been eating.

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This sounds like a great idea! Hope the result looks as great as I picture it!

I am very much intrigued in the development of this.

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I’m glad to hear, and I hope it does!


Oh. It’s that version.

Well, yes, but she also has three other outfits she switches between.

I like it! Can’t wait until its finished!

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Thanks, I can’t wait either!

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As a WG enthusiast, I am excited to hear about this being in development! I’ll definitely be there to support it. But, speaking genuinely, I unfortunately do not think an idea like this would be palatable to a wider audience than others like us - at least not given your parameters.

For instance, playing up her weight for comedy could work if it was set among a cast of other DC characters, but that won’t work with your timeframe. Ordinary viewers might conflate the conspicuous use of Harley Quinn by herself and any fixation on weight gain with fan art intended for a fat admiring audience.

I don’t want to dissuade you, of course! I will happily wait for the finished project to see how you tackle this issue without tipping off your viewers who don’t share the fetish. My advice would be to take a look at the Steam reviews of The Pirate’s Fate on Steam. Of the buyers who did not share the fetish: who enjoyed it, who didn’t, and why? Maybe there are some gems there that could inform how you focus on your weight gain elements.

Best of luck to you!


Massive thanks for the comment! I’ll still be going through with this project all the way, even if it may turn some viewers off. I’m more than okay if the fetish is not at all hidden within the animation, although I do hope there’s enough substance to keep ordinary viewers entertained regardless.

In recent months, I made some art of DC’s Zatanna and that did seem to please most of my audience, not only was she overweight, but she even put on a noticeable amount throughout the renders and my viewers didn’t seem to mind. However, that was much more tame than this project, and so the results here might not match.

I just had a read through many of the reviews of The Pirate’s Fate, that was some really great advice! The biggest take away, in my opinion, is to let the audience know that Harley is comfortable in a bigger body without forcing my audience to agree or disagree. If my animation only says that her weight gain is an improvement in every way, people who do not celebrate it will feel isolated, or even antagonised. If Harley is unhappy with her body, viewers who have the same would be insulted.

If I were to avoid including both positive and negative effects to her weight gain, then many will question the purpose of it entirely, and so that leaves me to look for and include both pros and cons to her new body.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


Do you have a link to that? I’d like to check it out because that’s interesting how you pleased everyone with that

Yep, here’s the latest render and there are plenty more on the site:


In my totally unfounded opinion, even if you’re pretty blatant with it, I think mainstream audiences are pretty neutral about WG stuff (at least judging by the response to Totally Spies, Ballmasterz 9009 and that one horse anime).

I think the main is they wouldn’t find an overweight version of Harley Quinn inherently appealing, so there needs to be something else they like (comedy, drama, etc).

As for scenario ideas, maybe people mistake for pregnant and offered seats on buses; and/or fewer people recognise her as a super villain.


Especially considering that female characters who are overweight by default (examples include characters from Total Drama, Fat Princess, etc.) are often a source of disgust by mainstream audiences due to them considering fat to be ugly.

That said, Harley herself has been shown to be two-sided over the years since her first appearance. Sometimes she can be evil (like in Batman: The Animated Series and the Injustice games), and sometimes she can be good (like in the live-action Suicide Squad film and her original psychiatrist persona before falling in love with The Joker). It’s the same way with other characters that tend to have both a good side and an evil side.

The scenario ideas are actually good, if she were to properly retire with Poison Ivy, another female Batman villain that she loves almost as much as The Joker.