Fat Haydee - Game Mod

Here is my Fat Haydee model for the game based off my S2FM version, I found that was somewhat easy to port her to the game when I was searching for props so I did it ! lol

I have also tweaked a bit the animations and sound footsteps to be a bit deeper.

She is not perfect since my skills with blender is mostly meh but I still hope that you’ll like it !
And Merry Christmas ! ohoh :christmas_tree::gift:

What’s planned ?

  • [H2] Need to understand how on Haydee 2 animations transition works, she always gets stuck when I edit them…
  • [H2] Porting her and do a Haydee 2 version. Done
  • [H2] Make heavier footsteps and landing sounds like I did on Haydee. Done
  • [H1/H2] Try to fix the shadow bugs, still need to find how to… Fixed !
  • [H1/H2] One or two more weight size ? Maybe…

How to install ?

  • Drag’n’Drop into the Outfits folder into the game directory.
  • (Optional) Drag’n’Drop the Actors and Surfaces folder into the game directory to adapt the animation and footsteps for her … weight. If you stop using the mod, think to remove them to restore the original animations and sounds.

Download (for Haydee)
Download (for Haydee 2)

Preview 2


quick question where is haydee’s game directory??

compared to the other Fat Haydee mod this one is a little more… compact. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice, but it’s weird to compare the two mods and note the obvious differences.

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Should be in Steam\Steamapps\common\Haydee

It’s sure that I didn’t take the same approach than the Anthro.anim one
I do have a fatter one, but I didn’t take time to edit animations or anything else, for now trying to focus on this one first. :slight_smile:

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Gotta say this is a pretty good model, love how you managed to give it a fat look rather than a smooth round one. Must have taken quite some time to make, will look forward to seeing any update! Already gave it a try and yes, you should really play with the Actors and Surfaces folders installed, it gives more “immersion” lmao

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Thank you, glad you liked it ! That’s what I try to aim the most for my models is Fat !


I understand. Getting things right is more important than just getting it out there, and focusing on fine tuning the first size before the 2nd one makes sense to me.

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Microsoft Defender shows that this archive is a Trojan (Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml). Sucks, i really wanted to play this mod.

False positive, here is a link to virus total scan of the mod : VirusTotal

I extracted the folder then dropped it into the outfits folder but in game it is only Haydee and no other outfit. Am I doing something wrong?

Yeah, i’m already tried this, and one of these antiviruses shows that link itself is suspicious.

For error19999990 : Do you have FH folder and FH.outfit in the Outfits folder ?

edit : gosh i’m struggling so much lol sorry

I guess that because the link is new that’s all, I can’t help on that…

I do not have FH folder

That’s what is missing, just drag’n’drop back the Outfits folder from the zip over yours and check inside if it’s like this :

What about the rest of the folder?

The Outfits folder is just the body mod, Actors and Surfaces are sound and animations but they are optional if you want them just drag’n’drop in the Haydee folder.

Haydee folder o FH folder? Would it be the entire folder or go into each one and take out each piece? Also I really like the body btw looks good

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The best way is just to unzip the whole zip to the Haydee folder. It will create Actors and Surface then add into Outfits the right files for the mod.

Thank you glad you liked it !