Fat & Inflation DnD server

Looking to run a fatfur DnD game? Want to be a player? Looking to just check out a custom expansion system? Congratulations, I have that made just for you!

After positive feedback on my custom system Svellera, the Expanding Lands I have decided to open the floodgates to the server where we are hosting games using this system. We are looking for more DMs and any players interested in testing out the system. You can run a one-shot or become part of the larger campaign at hand. We also allow external DnD content and other expansion systems.

Join us here over at Chronicles of Earthscar Pass to play along with us!


Good to see other folk out here making systems and expansive content for DnD! Let us know if you need any of our content converted to your systems, or if you have any questions should APPLE content make its way to your server.