Fat Island

Alright, this is more for me then others. If there was an island country that is medicinally superior to the point where people are extremely obese, would you move there, don’t take jobs into consideration.

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I mean, the most obese country is Nauru. Just gonna bring that up so any of you guys choose to go on vacation there.

Assuming they have a stable economy/political scene, I would consider it. Moving to a new country would be a huge hassle, but if it were feasible and convenient, I would leave it as an option. I just moved and I’m not eager to move again, but if I had incentive to move, I might have that to look forward to.


Kinda depends on more aspects
For only obese people? No

But medically superior like that is already tempting on its own tbh
Stable economy, amazing health, freedom? I’d go

If not, it’d still be one hell of a place to visit for a few days
Introduce them to this place and everything, could be a great time

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This hound has his turf up in the land of the midnight sun that I wouldn’t give up for the life of me
That and I have people who need me at home, never leave your kin to hang in the wind, ya get me


probably not. I don’t like traveling and I do my best to not let my fetish have a say in the small choices I make, so it definitely wouldn’t get a say in a big choice like that.

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I think I wouldn’t move, I prefer live and have my social life virtually, not needing to have direct contacts.

In fact all depend of the popularity of the island and how really they are advanced technologically, if it’s like Wakanda, where we can look like to what we want and have access to all technologies, maybe I will revise my judgment.

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[epically stays in latam]

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