Fat Mansion - Renpy Game (Look for writers and programmers)

Hello everyone. I would like to start a small community project.
It’s supposed to be a kind of dating simulator about weight gain and feederism stories. The images are 3D created with daz.
I would do the creation of the artwork. But I need people who write the dialogues and build it in renpy.
The idea is a rather linear game to better understand the processes. The player should get to know the characters that later play a role in the actual game. It’s about the opening of a Fat Mansion. A place of hedonism and feedism.
I do not want to say too much, because everything is open and nothing is fixed. It’s just an idea I’d like to push. I don’t know if I can put pictures here but if you are interested you can send me a pn.


Do send me some more info! Also might be able to help a bit on the programming side of things

would be up for programming and QC if you want that
I’ve quit writing some years ago but i could give it a try if theres no other option