Fat Mii Gunner and Zero Suit Samus (Smash Ultimate Mod)

I’ve been experimenting with Smash Modding and wanted to try making some ssbbw mods. I went with ZSS because her model is very plain and Mii Gunner because she is cute lmao.

This is still a heavy WIP, the models are very crude and I might add physics to them later, I’m just uploading just in case anyone wanted to try it out.

Zero Suit Samus is WIFI SAFE (This means you can use her online without causing desyncs)
Mii Gunner is WIFI SAFE but also kinda not. If you plan on using her, create the Mii before hand so the UI is her default look, then load the mod.

The rest of the images:

Downloads: My Files


Realizing people may want to see Samus a bit more, so here’s a pic of her.


this is pretty neat I gotta say!

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can we get the 3d model?