fat-mon (pokemon fan game idea)

it’s very basic, I have a friend (who want to stay anonymous) who had a little idea to make a fan game pokemon (I am posting it for him because he have social anxiety), so here’s his idea:

It’s sort of basic but I want to implement it as a permanent sort of stat buff/debuff mechanic, with enhancements to everything except speed for gaining weight and debuffs being applied by losing weight

Most healing items are replaced by sugary treats that maintain the healing properties and contribute to weight gain, while walking around without healing and opposing draining moves are part of the conditions of weight loss

if you have any ideas/questions, don’t be shy and I’ll ask/suggest him and tell you what he say


Balancing something like this aside
Coding sounds to be possible, if you’re being somewhat creative

What I’m thinking about is the visuals
Would the sprites change to accommodate to the weight?
If yes - hoping you and your friend are creative enough to create sprites like that (I know I’m not lmao)


That would be awesome for a Pokémon mystery dungeon game

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