Fat non-human things (ha ha title that makes no sense go brrrrr)

(Me to myself 10 minutes ago)

Damn, I haven’t posted on weight gaming in a while, real shame considering how “popular” I am. I KNOW! I’ll post a dumb question that no one cares about to shamelessly get likes! I’m such a genius!

(Present me)

Hey hey hey! Now that I have you’re attention on this #notclickbait question, I would like to ask a question about fats. We all look at chonky humans, or at least, humanoids that are chonky, but what about non-human figures? for a good example, take this car:

Hope that clarifies what I’m trying to say here. basically, I want to hear y’alls thoughts on stuff like this. it could be, say, a fat desk, a chubby streetlamp, a plump tv set, hell, it could even be an animal. Want some “bonus” points? Why not write about how these could be good for video games, who knows! Maybe a game developer will see these and use it as inspiration!

With that said, I hope that you only fall on soft things, and have a swell day! ;D

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I mean, fat, obese, weight gain’d animals are already pretty common, even if you narrow it down to non-humanoid animals, literal barking, meowing animals. Anyone who’s been on a dirty art site longer than five minutes knows that, heh.

Past that, I’m sure there’s some fat content with all kinds of non-humanoid, non-sentient, non-sapient things, this IS the internet, you know. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s common, or that it should be made, and I don’t think Weight Gaming is nearly degenerate enough to start making games that feature fat streetlamps or obese clocks, unless it’s for a dumb joke inside of an already-in-progress game that currently stars fat people.

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I don’t have too much more to add on to this that SRP didn’t already cover.

The only thing I’ll say is that the only sort of non-human fatten-able thing in a video game that you could possibly expect to see at all would be robots that don’t really resemble humans, like in Untitled Robogirl Shmup, and maybe some sort of vehicles with faces look that the Cars movies had.

But even then neither of those options aren’t exactly popular in a fetish sense, so they will continue to be super rare, probably for the best for the latter.

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You mean fat inanimate objects? Sounds just interesting enough for me to take interest in.