fat or weight gain mods for kenshi?

i know the game is kind of super serious but that has never stopped us and since the game is really mod friendly then its completely possible

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Given I’m running mods that include Clownsteady, gave my character bazongas the size of medicine balls, and “Hippity Hoppity, now you’re Okran’s property,” I chuckled a bit at the super serious comment.

I haven’t seen anything like that on the steam workshop, though I’ll admit, I haven’t looked for anything like that either. Might as well take a look before starting my cyborg game.


I wasn’t able to find much, only a mod called “Breast limit 250 & Thigh limit 200” which most likely translates into fatter characters, breast/thighs only, sadly

Breast Limit 250 is the one mod I’m using, and it only does the chest.

There should also have been a Breast Limit 500 listed as well, though I uninstalled that one. That one went a little too far, I’ll admit.

What the game does is it takes the median of everything for the generic bandits and npcs. So with 250, it evens out about 125, which is bigger then stock, but not terribly noticeable unless you’re intentionally looking for it. Using 500, and combined with the Bouncing Boobs mod, was just ridiculous to see in game.

Turns out I have a limit I didn’t even know I had, lol.

Looking through steam, and there’s not a thing I could find. The closest I could find was a mod to insult and bully an overweight Shek in Sho-battai, and that was it.

Edit: Nexus is also totally lacking in any weight gain mods. That’s a shame. Makes me wish I knew how to program myself, as I now have ideas I can do nothing with, lol.

I can’t find any tutorials where someone show how to create custom body shape slider for Kenshi character.

try on the forums, either r/kenshi or on the devs personal forums

I have been messing with the files a bit and those “increase xyz limit” mods aint too hard to make. You don’t even need to go into the FCS. There just a file that lists values of the upper and lower limits each race and gender’s sliders can reach. Just typing in a value and saving the file changes it in game.

You can make your OWN slider mod for the stomach, arms, hips, anything that already has a slider really.

No, I don’t remember the file name, but I’ll update this if I remember

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