Fat Spyro mod (Spyro reignited trilogy)

I released a version of fat Spyro modification for game called “Spyro reignited trilogy”. If you are interested you can download this mod there — Spyro fat v1 by coldsteelj on DeviantArt

Here is the link on video demonstration — Fat Spyro v1 - YouTube


How difficult was it to rip the model, edit it and put it back in? Like… could you do this with every character in the game?

Would it be also possible to add more bones and give them physics?

Unreal viewer can extract any model from the game. You can change every character in the game. I don’t know any ways to add more bones. You can use physics on existing bones.
I don’t know how to answer you of how difficult it was. If you know how to work in Unreal engine this wouldn’t be difficult for you.
Edit: I am not sure if you can add physics on existing bones. In some of my tests it worked, but now it doesn’t work.


Thx for the tip! I know Spyro Trilogy is a good game but I didn’t know there is such a big modding community behind it. I’m not really familiar with Unreal engine but with Unity. Could be a good reason to get into UE because the modding process looks kinda easy.

I’m thinking about creating a “Spyro Trilogy XXL” Modpack by replacing every character with a plus sized version of them. (or at least some of them, depends on how much I improve with Blender in that process)


Your Spyro trilogy XXL mod, will this change sheila and elora?

First of all It depends on when I’m going to start with it. I will have classes to learn how to 3D Model so this could be a good exercise to train these skills and two I have to buy the game to start modding it.

It depends on when I have the money and the classes for it (hopefully it will be on sale around december, it should also be the time where I had some training)

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Due to the fact that I got Spyro via Humble Monthly I snooped around and gathered all information for modding the game:

Tutorial for modding the game

You need:

Export your mesh as .FBX file so you can throw it in Unreal Engine

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Hi, I was faffing about on google image search looking for mods and I found this page. But I also found images of a different mod. Naturally it was just a bunch of unfunny unsourced meme images but I eventually found the guy’s twitter account of where the images came from.
After a but more digging on the twitter I found this other mod: https://gamebanana.com/skins/172956

So anyway here you are, I know how annoying it is when people post stuff and never share where they got it from.


Say, i am loveing the mod so far, and im just wondering if there is a option to make him fatter?

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There is no such option.