Fat Themed Items Names

I’m not sure where to post this so I’m trying here.

Howllo! I recently came across this trend where they take band names and reworded them to become fatty/foody related, and I thought it would be a fun thought exercise we could do from “Thyme to Thyme” by thinking up different fat/food themed names. I made 2 documents so far as I thought we could “Expand” on the idea by doing Fat Band/Song Names and Fat Movie/Show Names, if we get enough creative comments I can make more maintained lists. I’ll try to keep these maintained so that we could potentially use these in our games as funny references. I know I’ll be referencing OB/CD in a couple games when I can (XP)

I made it so that you can comment new names in the docs, but I’ll also check here on the forums if you feel more comfortable doing so. I am also accepting alternate names to the same items as someone might prefer one name over another. (So don’t worry if the item your spoofing off of already has a name, the more names the merrier! :smiley: )

Thank you for your time! Have a nice, safe, and fun think tank!


Oh, and big thanks to @IceDev for helping me identify and sort so many of band/song names in the beginning! Your such a pro! B3

And a shout out to @Axxis for coming up with some great names as well! :smiley:

Where’s Super Furry Animals, Soulwax, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, The RAH Band, Beck, Kraftwerk, AIR, Mr. Oizo, Justice, Jamiroquai, Chemical Brothers, Casiopea, etc…?

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We haven’t spoofed them yet, which is why folk are encouraged to help out by giving their ideas. I’ll try to think up some for the ones you suggested so far :+1: