fat vr chat models

hey so i am wondering if you have seen any fat vr chat model or any fat fetish reladed models

in "cheesecake Avatar "

tried it did not work

search world with tag " thicc ".

found it but i am using the quest so i can go to it

I know a few people with furry ones, not sure if that’s helpful.

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it is a bit if you get names let me know

this guy has a bunch of VRchat avatars

By this do you mean like a avatar world? Or actual fbx’s or unitypackages, because im looking for whatever if you could assist me.

i was able to find the world but it will not work on quest

Think you could link it? Also you can make a avatar quest compatible if you download it and tweak everything (If you have a pc)

cheesecake Avatar

with tag " thicc ".