FATACLYSM - A Multiversal Weight Gain Roguelite [NEW UPDATE 6/9/24]

Enter the Excessive Expanse and experience the FATACLYSM - a multiversal calamity that has brought together disparate fragments of space and time to a realm of expansive proportion. Take the reigns of a group of unfortunate heroes who have committed themselves to escaping the Expanse, no matter how many tries it takes… even if it costs them their waistlines over, and over, and over again.

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FATACLYSM is a roguelite made in Twine that focuses on the struggles of a party of four women as they venture through a realm comprised of many different settings and times, hellbent on fattening them up by any means necessary. Fortunately for them, though, the power of the Excessive Expanse is a double-edged sword. Combat in FATACLYSM involves no normal health points, no real damage, and no silly unfattenable enemies. It only involves what really matters - girls getting bigger. All damage dealt in the Expanse, without exception, is always converted to fat.

No combatant is ever safe from the fattening grasp of the Expanse, and our heroes must do everything it takes to make sure that they’re not the ones on the receiving end. That is… unless they want to be. As a roguelite, players are free to succumb to the Expanse as much as they want in FATACLYSM, and are always able to continue their journey in the future. Through their failures, though, the protagonists of FATACLYSM only grow stronger, and their capacity to get progressively bigger and bigger can only increase as they harness the weighty power of the Expanse.

Actually traversing the Excessive Expanse entails delving through vastly different layers, crawling with fattening challenges of all kind. From tactical, turn-based combat to juicy narration-based events, both accompanied by a wide array of (highly customizable) fatty sound effects, FATACLYSM presents a plethora of ways in which players can lose themselves in its world. Characters may even be brought towards an untimely, immobilizing end depicted in lengthy, descriptive defeat scenes, all of which are easily re-viewable in the game’s image, event, and ending gallery. There is no overly punishing, permanent loss condition, though! The heroes can never truly be defeated in a roguelite, after all.

The Expanse also offers multiple unique settings within its respective layers, with more to come in the future. FATACLYSM currently contains two fully fleshed out areas:

THE PENITENTIARY - A futuristic prison complex, constructed with the singular goal of fattening its inmates and keeping them as nothing more than massive, flabby batteries for the rest of their miserable existences. Ruled by a cruel, iron-fisted sadist, the neon-horned Warden of the Penitentiary wants nothing more than to keep each and every member of the party locked up as her personal, blobby playthings.

THE PALACE - A lavish castle of flowing red silks and golden chandeliers, this fantastical locale of swords and sorcery holds a plethora of regal buffets, alchemical attractions, and supernatural horrors. Though the opponents of the Palace’s ruler may see her as a tyrannical, hedonistic layabout, the Sovereign’s keen ability to soften the disposition of others and intoxicate them with her own way of life is second to none.

The entire first layer of the Expanse, the Penitentiary, is now available in the version of the game that anyone can download for free. The entirety of the second layer, the Palace, along with many other new features, are also currently available to play through my Patreon!

If you just want to download the free version, though, here’s all of the content that you can expect:

  • The full intro of FATACLYSM, along with all of the weight gain sequences and images it holds
  • Access to layer 1 of the Expanse, the Penitentiary
  • 6/8 weight stages for each party member
  • 5 Events
  • 5 unique Enemies
  • 2 highly descriptive Endings, each containing various unique images for party members
  • A wide range of fat-related sound effects, accompanied by a full OST

However, by supporting me on Patreon, not only will you be contributing to the continued development of FATACLYSM, you’ll also be unlocking the following content to play immediately:

  • The full intro of FATACLYSM, along with all of the weight gain sequences and images it holds
  • Access to both layers 1 and 2 of the Expanse, the Penitentiary and the Palace
  • 8/8 weight stages for each party member, along with several different special TF images for the main characters involving BE/AE/HG/Cow​​
  • 11 Events, including a special event where a friendly NPC assists the party
  • 10 unique Enemies, including a new miniboss and area boss within the Palace
  • 4 highly descriptive Endings, each containing various unique images for party members
  • A wide range of fat-related sound effects, accompanied by an even larger OST
  • New features like cursed Equipment, special Conditions, and infectious Afflictions
Preview Screenshots (Click to show)

I appreciate any and all contributions! If you don’t want to join my Patreon, though, I understand. I would ask that you at least consider the “join for free” option that Patreon offers so that you can keep up with the game’s updates. There’s even a bonus feature that free members can receive, but you’ll figure out what that is if you play enough!

And that’s about it! Feel free to leave a reply if you have any questions, bug reports, feedback, or what have you. Enjoy!

Game Download Link:

The link to my Patreon, where both the free and paid supporter versions can be found:

The link to join the FATACLYSM Discord:

6/9/24 v0.1.1 Update
The newest content update is here! This version contains changes for both the public and supporter builds of the game.

v0.1.1 Patch Notes (Click to show)

New content added to all versions

  • A new miniboss has been added to the Penitentiary, the Executioner. She appears in miniboss encounters while exploring, as well as in another certain scenario that I won’t spoil.

  • Many images have been updated, with changes primarily focusing on changing characters’ faces to be more consistent and higher quality. Some of these changes won’t be very noticeable, while others will be quite obvious.

  • Some dialogue for repeat encounters has been added to all events and endings that focus on interacting with characters.

​​New content exclusive to Patreon supporters

  • A new elite enemy has been added to the Palace, the Diabolist.

  • A new Affliction that’s applied by Diabolist’s dastardly ritual, causing party members to gradually grow fatter based on how big they already are!

  • Even more updated images, including party members’ barely mobile and immobile stages, as well as many TF images found in endings and events.

  • Far more repeat dialogue throughout endings and events, especially in the Palace’s boss ending. All new and old repeat dialogues can also be reviewed in the Gallery.


  1. Go on your old version of the game and make your way to the Cathedral

  2. Open the Saves menu and click the “Save to Disk” option, and then save the file somewhere you’ll remember (like your Desktop)

  3. Launch the new build of FATACLYSM

  4. Open the Saves menu, click “Load from Disk”, and then double click your save file, wherever you put it.

  5. And everything should work! Let me know if you have any issues with this process.


A quick question, would the palace be unlocked afterwards in later updates for free tier players?

Heyo Jupiter, got a really weird bug in the penitentiary. I think I chose a standard encounter and I am fighting two brawlers and a phantom captain with all of my part members unable to attack for some reason. You can see the captain in the turn order, but not in the enemy screen.

That’s really weird. Are there any other things you remember that might’ve potentially caused that? Did you have any equipment that might’ve messed with the turn order, or did anything out of the ordinary occur leading up to it? The red background in the screenshot you sent makes me assume that the Overseer might’ve had something to do with it.

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Also, regarding this question, I’m not totally sure at this point. I definitely won’t be dropping the entirety of the Palace all at once for the public version any time soon, but I’ll probably start releasing it in parts as work starts on the 3rd layer. You can still expect for the public version to get updates, though, as any new content added to the Penitentiary will likely be available for everyone immediately.

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I had accidently closed the window, but before I lost the original load, round number was nan and it was 2 brawlers, a captain, and an overseer in the turn order. After I loaded the auto save, it was just the 2 brawlers and the captain.

Edit: So, just started another run in the jail, chose the first standard encounter. Says it was going to be a captain and a brawler.

First round of combat, haven’t done any actions yet. Got $round and it says that the captain and brawler are here to reinforce a non-existant overseer

edit 2: Here is another pic, no overseer in turn order, but there is a second brawler and aria is being forced to skip turn. I also can’t surrender

Edit 3: We’ve got action. I’m doing an elite encounter with an overseer in it now. It started the same way with the red background and saying reinforcements came and the overseer was not in the turn order. On the second round, the overseer got a turn and attacked someone, idk. The third round tho, I have actions again and can do stuff. I will let you know what happens after combat. Just realized that none of the party members are getting status effects (Except for the stun effect) and for some reason estelle is still getting her turns skipped. I can’t attack the overseer and now that Sakura and Astrid have gone overweight, Estelle will now take actions. Alright, so I was able to use aid to bring Sakura below highest weight now and that fully fixed her and she suddenly had like 8 status effects. With Astrid in the shadow realm, the overseer is choosing to shoot her, wherever she is. And finally, with the two targetable enemies dead, I still cannot attack the overseer and thus have gotten soft locked

I don’t know if there is a way out of this at this point? Overseer could just keep attacking Astrid and in the off chance that everyone else goes overweight, I imagine that Astrid being ndef will cause the defeat condition to not proc.

Edit whatever: Huh, nan uses remaining

I have now used regen on Estelle and she too is now in the shadow realm. I’m sorry Jupiter. I 100% softlocked now. Reloading the save gave everyone their status effects back and Estelle and Astrid appear, but then banish once their turn procs and they get regen. Regen on Astrid has a remaining -5 turns on it btw.


As a Playtester, WOO! I’m glad I was able to help get this out there. I might join the Patreon later on, just need to make sure I can afford it.


so during the tutorial there was a “saves” option, but now that im in the campaign, it appears ro have vanished - is that supposed to be what happens?

I will say, I have played through the entire game, it is quite nice to be honest. My only gripe with the game is the same issue as LupusGamer where taking any encounter causes the entire party to be unable to attack (No options other than passing) regardless of what setup I got. I also noticed that the game also throws the turn NaN, indicating that it’s throwing an error turn and not allowing me to do anything but watch as the enemy gets free attacks.

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Saves are available in the menu option while at the cathedral. It is to prevent save scumming

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Alright, I’m looking in to this to see what’s potentially causing it. If anyone else encounters this bug, they should try to report what led up to it happening.

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Iirc, I think I might have lost to an overseer, who had successfully reinforced. I figure it might be a variable issue that isn’t getting unset/re-set at the beginning of combat

Yeah, you’re completely right. The reinforcement variable gets set to 0 when you win, but I forgot to make it clear upon losing. A fix for the bug should be coming imminently, assuming that’s the cause. Thanks for catching that.

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No sweat, I know I have run into issues like that countless times. It was fun trying to see if I could get out of the issue tho.

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Alright, the issue should be resolved now. Changing saves over to the bugfix should also be pretty easy, but let me know if there’s any problems with that.

Ok this game is amazing. fatty roguelikes are really good when you add bad endings and unlocking weight stages to them. Also the AI art you got is really good. And the mechanics are deep enough and have enough interactions that I can see lot’s of specific boss builds with enough RNG to not make any fight guaranteed.

I do however have one criticism and a suggestion. First it really feels like the Palace’s events had a lot more thought put into them than the Prison events. It would be neat if the Prison events got a redo to make them more dynamic. My suggestion is to add the description and conversations from the party status menu to the image viewer. since weight can fluctuate so much you can have trouble reading a specific description.

10 dollars well spent, I’m eager to see what you add to this next.


im confused what im supposed to do to resolve for the turn NaN thing? downloaded from patreon

It should be fixed as long as the last autosave wasn’t in the funky glitched overseer fight like I was in. I went back to an older save and lost and everything was fixed.

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Found a broken <> in the gourmand’s poss passage

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I just started actually playing it and I have a problem with pictures. Icons and dialogue pictures dont appear. On dialogue pic-s just black places, and on Icones… this