FatEx, Service for starving girls

So, this is my first finished game called FatEx.

Some magical note that deliver whatever the note written. Using this, player interact with three girls to gain their weight.

I’m not that good in english so I basically using translater, and changed some words by myself.

There are 12 different endings in this game. Good Luck with that!

Um. I don’t know what to say, please enjoy it!

Edit : Minor icon bug fixed, Translate UI

Mega link ▼

Itch.io link ▼
FatEx by Hanogi


Good idea and looking forward to checking it out :slight_smile:

There some incest shit is going on, and it’s just very uncanny in general.

It’s rather a text-adventure than rpg or quest, because visually only icons are changing. By the way, sometimes icons are switching between weight levels mid-dialog.

Also, translation isn’t full. Most of the UI and a little of dialogs are still in Korean.


I honestly think the sprites from coldsteelj that Nicksav used for his game would be a lot more appropriate to use for this game to make it feel more complete instead of just the character icon images.

I haven’t tried the game yet but I would be willing to bet that the supposed incest shit comes from translation. Koreans address people older than them especially with words like 오빠 / 언니 if you’re a girl or 형 / 누나 if you’re a guy, meaning older brother and older sister respectively. Definitely does not have to imply any kind of actual family relations.

Edit: Just opened up the game to see if I’m wrong, context pretty clearly points it not being a translation thing up front lmao


What do we do with the old picture pieces?