Fatrifice 2 - Weight Gain Fetish Game - OUT NOW

A sequel to the first Fatrifice game, where a group of girls summon the demoness, Shar. In the first game we saw Cherry get to an unimaginable size. But, this time around, it’s Lilith’s turn.

She’s not doing it alone though, Delilah is cooking the food for Lilith, so there is some more things to do this time. There is also a shop to buy skills and different foods for her to eat! :hamburger:

Now available on Itch and Steam!

Becoming a Patron gives exclusive perks, like voting, devlogs, art (you know what kind :wink:), or even betas and early access!

Fatrifice 2 continues where the first game left off, but instead of summoning a demoness, you will be helping her get stronger. And how will you do that, you ask? That’s a good question, by a fatrifice. :poultry_leg:

If you haven’t played the first one, you can find it here on Itch and here on Steam.

Check out Fatrifice 2 on Itch and Steam!


Excited for the new game! Will purchase when available

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@Bioshock_God Thanks! Happy to have a community who enjoys what I make! :two_hearts: I will have more info on Fatrifice 2 as time goes on, but it’s currently VERY early in the development process.

Fatrifice 2 Beta is now available to Patrons in the Weight Gain Lover and Still Hungry tiers! It offers a taste of what cooking food and feeding it to Lilith is like! :poultry_leg:


Fatrifice 2 will be coming out around August 31st or September 1st on Itch and Steam. But if you want to play it now, the Still Hungry tier on my Patreon has early access to it! :two_hearts: Plus, the support helps me be able to continue to develop weight gaining games for you to enjoy! (More jiggly, soft, voluptuous girls :kissing_heart:)

You can also wishlist it on Steam!

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Fatrifice 2 is finally available! You can find it on Itch and Steam!

Thank you to everyone who is supporting my journey! I have a lot of fun making weight gaining games, and you make it all possible! If you get the chance to play Fatrifice 2, I hope you enjoy it :two_hearts:


Finally picked it up and I can say I enjoyed the game as much as the first one. I liked all of the added content like the cooking and shop. I could not find the banana but outside of that loved it :+1:

Thanks @Bioshock_God !! Happy you enjoyed the game :slightly_smiling_face: it was definitely more of an experimental project than the first one, but im glad how it turned out! As for the banana, if you click the down arrow key in the main area you’ll see the credits and the banana, click the banana for 10 food plus the achievement :relaxed: