Fatten your feedee


anyone know how to bring this back


If the archive doesn’t have it, you’re gonna have to rely on a similar concept being made into a game.

ok does anyone know how to

The last update was in the year 2000, that’s more than two decades ago, this is seriously old. The closest I can compare it to is some old game called “Virtual feeder” which can be downloaded from a link on this page here: Plumping Helena

Though I can’t actually compare the two.

Not the greatest of games, but interesting for it’s time. Hope you enjoy.

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how do you open the game? I unzipped it, then I opened the main_page.html but the images were missing and the links didn’t work. I feel like I’m just missing something obvious tho

it seems broken, how did you run it?

Yeah, sorry about that. It’s been literally a decade+ since I’ve even looked at that. As I recall, I got what I have from the Web Archive back around 2010, but what I have looks incomplete, broken links, missing pics, etc. Apparently that failed attempt has been floating forgotten, through a series of hd copies as I’ve migrated from computer to computer, ever since. Who knew?

But it looks like most of the js files might be there though, which is where all the logic should be, I think? if someone wants to have a go at reverse engineering it.

Logic wouldn’t fix the files that are missing, unfortunately. With the program trying to load images or even links, it’s gonna die pretty fast.

I remember this.

It probably seems incomplete because it always was. There were some aspects of the game that seemed to work, but there was a lot of bugginess and such that was never touched.

The name brings up some vague memories of another WG-themed game where the player would have to feed women (whether real-world or animated) and their appearance would change as they got fatter until the player won.

That might be the game linked on my post.

Yeah, the game I was bringing up also allowed for customization, allowing the player to add feedees of their choice. One example I remember was Marge from The Simpsons.

Yep, I just checked. Virtual feeder has one for marge simpson. Here’s the link to it specifically: My Files
It’s one of the characters that come with it.

Huh. So I guess my memories of a similar game were actually this game. What a coincidence…