Fattening Career - 3D weight gain visual novel (0.09 released on Patreon!)

  • Fresh save
  • Bonnie sitting at a table, and choices whether to approach her or not, either choice led to exception
  • W7 Tue, after 1st Daisy & Luna school, went to work afternoon/evening

Have you done any content with Maya, Katrine or Trista yet?

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No, trying to skip ahead to the new Maya content, since I’ve done all the others previously.


I see, I think I have some idea what this issue might be then. I’ll put in some safe guards in a hotfix to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Are you able to continue? Reverting far enough before going to Bunny Bites should allow you to continue.

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Yeah, i’m still grinding work right now, and it has been fine.


Well this update was fantastic! Maya being super sexy, and Hari with a fantastic storyline. Hope to see both of them more! I think Hari may be my top story over Leanne now, props to Eyebeast.

Also the solo scenes for Sally were really good, i especially liked the ‘cutscene’ for the first solo event, imo should have them for more characters.

And did Sally have stretchmarks? I like.


Just released a small bugfix for 0.09.
0.09 seems to be very stable so far, with only a few minor/rare bugs spotted, almost so much that I’m kinda scared to accidentally mess something up when releasing a hotfix :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone playing 0.09 already, there is very little reason to download the hotfixed version.
Here is what changed:

  • Fixed a rare infinite loop during Bonnie’s introduction event.
  • Fixed being unable to decline messages on your phone from a triggered event.
  • Fixed a few sex scenes showing up while having sex scenes disabled in the settings.
  • Added the beach background music to the pool events.
  • Removed a bunch of files/images that are no longer used.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Rerendered Daisy’s butt measuring images.

For anyone who has played through 0.09 already, I very much appreciate any feedback you have on the update and/or suggestions on the future of the game. Feedback helps me understand where changes are needed and what is liked so I can keep improving the game every update.


Alright so. When is Hari getting 15 more stages? Fr though she’s best girl now. Right above Bonnie.


I already have a problem where i want to feed daisy at home and she is at stage 16 and it [code]
I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
File “game/freetime.rpy”, line 554, in script call
call daisy_home from _call_daisy_home_1
File “game/home.rpy”, line 111, in script call
call rngeatingdaisyhome from _call_rngeatingdaisyhome_4
File “game/call_functions.rpy”, line 30, in script
scene daisy_home_eating
Exception: DynamicImage ‘/teacher/[teacher.stage]/[stuffed]/home_eating[rng].webp’: could not find image. (‘/teacher/16/3/home_eating1.webp’)

– Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
File “game/freetime.rpy”, line 554, in script call
call daisy_home from _call_daisy_home_1
File “game/home.rpy”, line 111, in script call
call rngeatingdaisyhome from _call_rngeatingdaisyhome_4
File “game/call_functions.rpy”, line 30, in script
scene daisy_home_eating
File “D:\Downloads\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\renpy\ast.py”, line 1562, in execute
show_imspec(self.imspec, atl=getattr(self, “atl”, None))
File “D:\Downloads\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\renpy\ast.py”, line 1391, in show_imspec
File “D:\Downloads\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\renpy\exports.py”, line 759, in show
sls.add(layer, img, key, zorder, behind, at_list=at_list, name=name, atl=atl, default_transform=default_transform, transient=transient)
File “D:\Downloads\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\renpy\display\core.py”, line 1269, in add
File “D:\Downloads\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\renpy\display\transform.py”, line 695, in set_transform_event
File “D:\Downloads\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\renpy\display\image.py”, line 501, in set_transform_event
return self.target.set_transform_event(event)
File “D:\Downloads\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\renpy\display\image.py”, line 760, in set_transform_event
File “D:\Downloads\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\Fattening_Career-0.09-pc\renpy\display\image.py”, line 683, in find_target
raise Exception(error)
Exception: DynamicImage ‘/teacher/[teacher.stage]/[stuffed]/home_eating[rng].webp’: could not find image. (‘/teacher/16/3/home_eating1.webp’)

Windows-10-10.0.19045 AMD64
Fattening Career 0.09
Tue Mar 26 15:22:20 2024


Thank you, I found why it happens. I’ll include a fix for this issue in the next hotfix.
You’ll be able to fix this issue by going into a feeding sequence that is not Trista’s before going back to Daisy.


Hari won’t be getting new stages for a bit. First I got to work on some other parts of the game.


thank you for all the work with this update I really like it
cheers :smiley:


With a new update, comes a new tierlist from Muffin!

Unsurprisingly, Hari’s fat ass, the beautiful Bonnie, and the lovely Leanne/Lynn all stay at the top. I debated making a SSS tier, though, because Hari’s fat ass is just that perfect. The lack of major new content for Bonnie and Leanne/Lyn, however, is criminal. However, in a SHOCKING turn of events, Maya’s new content is so good, that she rockets all the way to S rank! Seriously, her model is gorgeous, her personality is so charming and sweet, and her story is genuinely interesting. Sally also shoots far higher than she once did, with her newest, biggest model being truly JAW-dropping, with some really great solo events. Lisa overtakes Marie thanks to her amazing new content, even though her sister sucks to be around!

No major changes form A-tier, I like all four of these girls a lot! Rebecca and Trista remain at the bottom of A-tier, because Rebecca still lacks content entirely and because Trista’s body shape gets a bit uncanny when she’s mega stuffed. I’m not THAT into lactation stuff, so Natalie and Britta struggle to find events for me. I like Natalie and Britta though, and want to see more of them in new events.

B-tier has some notable gals, but for one reason or another they don’t always click with me. Daisy is crazy hot and the face of the game, but I think the cult stuff is just kind of a turn-off sometimes. Also, I just don’t think I click with her personality-wise. Luna bores me sometimes, unfortunately. Also, she retains visual consistency the worst of any character, hard to recognize her between different outfits and locations, and difficult to recognize her at different sizes. Seriously, the at-home sexy dress lady and the hospital tit expansion lady are from different universes.

Rounding out C and D-tier are two characters I just kinda find boring, with my lack of cult interest and her disinterested personality scoring bad points for Cayenne, and Roxie just not being that interesting to me. And Charlene remains at bottom tier, because I just really can’t be arsed to push through her abrasive personality. I do think she’s rather cute at max size though.

EDIT: Moved Britta and Natalie up because I really think their models get very cute, and I bumped up Charlene so its not a clear hate tier. She’s my least favorite, but she’s not THAT bad anymore.


Thank you for the detailed tierlist with explanation.
I put many hours into sculpting Hari’s ass, so I’m happy to see that you appreciate the work.
Also having Maya show up in S tier is great considering the fact that her development has been so rocky for so long, Normy did a wonderful job on the writing.


Big fan of Hari’s model and Maya’s new story, highlights of the new update!


A very late Easter card.


Hotfix 0.09b

  • Fixed a crash that happened when you went through a feeding minigame with Daisy after having a feeding minigame with Trista.
  • Fixed some music not stopping at the end of the event.
  • Fixed a few typos and text inconsistencies.
  • Changed the option to train Charisma in the mirror to disappear from the menu when your charisma is at 7 or higher.
  • Changed some UI to make the experience on mobile better.
  • Added support for Steamdeck controller layout.
  • Rerendered Daisy’s breast measuring scenes.
  • Rerendered Trista stage 7+ treadmill scenes to include empty food packaging on the ground like the dialogue suggests.

There is no need to update to 0.09b from 0.09 or 0.09a if you have not encountered any issues.
All the links are updated in the Patreon post to version 0.09b


I want ask, in Bonnie story is where we cook chocolate and stuff in as she directs., like add sugar, cream, liquor, or cocoa.

If putting in appropriate or inappropriate ingredients affect the future taste of chocolate?


Welcome to weight gaming @7iDavid_Hermawan.

There’s no right or wrong answer during that section. The point of it as Bonnie indicates is she was looking for an excuse for the player to feed her. And you got it right during the first batch. So, there’s no wrong way to do that event, and it doesn’t affect future things within her route.